House Sitter   Shirley Sanders

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House Sitter Shirley Sanders

Location:   Gresham, Oregon

Age:   67

Experience:   1 yr

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About Shirley Sanders:

Single adult professional female seeking 4+ month house sitting opportunity.  I need to sell my house and will put my furnishings in storage for the duration of the sitter contract.  I work from a home office and directly with my clients in their locations.  My schedule can vary daily so I may be in/out of the house but will always take care of plants, pets, mail, emergencies and winter requirements.

I'm not looking to be paid but rather my services for the opportunity to tend to your property while mine is being sold.  The extra time would also allow me to take my time locating the next house I will purchase.

Due to work, the Portland Metro area would be best as well as a secured property with garage or off street parking.

A background check will show that I'm a long term Portland resident and home owner, a clean record and decent credit.  I have not had a prior house sitting contract before but I can provide many character references as well as neighbors who can vouch for the condition of my property.

Let me know what your needs and requirements are and we'll see if we're a house sitting match.

Best regards,


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