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House Sitter Dean & Diane Paulin

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Location:   Mesa, Arizona

Age:   70

Experience:   10 yr 1 mo

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About Dean & Diane Paulin:

We began our house/pet sitting experience in Estes Park, CO for six months in 2014 (through a personal ad) and enjoyed the cat sitting opportunity  and home location so much that we joined Luxury House Sitting, House Sitters America and Mind My House to seek out additional adventures through these websites.

During 2016, Luxury House Sitting connected us with three great house/dog sittings.  FL, MI, and CO and 2019 a five week sit in CA!  2017 - 2019 we completed nine house/dog/cat sittings in AZ, CA, NM, MA, WA and OR through the Mind My House website.  Additional house sits from other websites from 2020-21 has totaled us seventeen  successful sits!  We hope caring for your home and pet(s) will be our next assignment!!  

Dean, age 67,  retired seven years ago from being self-employed owning a chain of hair salons (Fantastic Sams) in the tri-county area of Charleston, SC.  Upon retirement, during Summers and Falls, Dean worked as a seasonal Park Ranger for the National Parks Service. (Olympic in WA, Voyageurs in MN, Rocky Mountain in CO, Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in OH, Cape Cod in MA, and Cape Lookout National Seashores in NC were his previous assignments.)  During our Cape Cod stay, we house/cat sat for our landlady.
Diane, age 64, retired after 29 years of  teaching elementary school in Summerville, SC.  Her last two years she worked at the District level as a Language Arts Interventionist, involving classroom training for teachers.  Diane had numerous caged classroom pets...hamsters, iguana, hermit crabs, tarantula, fish..., so she definitely enjoys animals!   Upon retirement she volunteered at Perry's Victory International Peace Memorial in OH and followed Dean to the National Parks for site-seeing.  In SC she volunteered at Lauren's  SC Public Library and filed paperwork at a Greenwood, SC hospice center.

We sold our lake-front home in Waterloo, SC in June 2016 and moved to Mesa, AZ to care for Dean's 91 year old mother in her home.  After her passing, we bought a home in her 55+ community and we are  available to house/pet sit year round, especially during the AZ hot months of summer! 

Traveling, biking, hiking, kayaking, tennis, Pickleball, swimming, fishing, reading are a few of our enjoyments.  We especially are interested in learning about communities in the U.S. and abroad through extended stays.  We are caring, kind, courteous, conscientious, adventurous, and a non-smoking couple.

We know your home is special and your pet(s) is(are) family.  We offer our loving care towards your home and family needs as we explore your community.

A few references are listed in the reference section.  We, of course, will provide additional contact information upon request for your viewing and/or use.
Thank you for your consideration.
Dean & Diane Paulin

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Dean and Diane were absolutely the best! They watched our 3 dogs while we were in Scotland. Our dogs had some separation anxiety and Dean and Diane were great with them. They also sent awesome updates and pics to let us know how things were going. I would absolutely recommend for your house and pet sitting needs.

Reviewed Mar 1, 2018 by homeowner in Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Dean and Diane Paulin house and pet sat for us for 14 days in June 2016. This was our first time leaving our dog with a stranger. We were very pleased with the care they gave our dog and the house was left very clean. Their helpfulness truly came when Tropical Storm Colin dumped 9 inches of rain upon the house and unfortunately caused some roof damage with leakage through the roof into a few rooms of our home Fortunately they responded by putting a few pans to catch the drippings that could have caused damage if they had not been there. I would highly recommend this couple to be your next house sitter. Barbara and Ron Maiden

Reviewed Jul 6, 2016 by homeowner in Largo, Florida


Dean & Diane just spent 12 days house sitting for us and we were very pleased with their care of our home, our yard, and most importantly, our dog! Because our dog is older and has some health concerns, we were quite apprehensive about leaving him for such a long duration. However, we received an e-mail update daily which helped ease our mind and let us know how well he was adjusting. Even though we were experiencing drought-like conditions, they did a great job watering the flowers as well as caring for the yard. Our house was immaculate upon our return, which made us very happy! We would highly recommend Dean & Diane to anyone in need of great house/pet sitters! Steve & Terri Campeau Brighton, MI

Reviewed Jul 5, 2016 by homeowner in Brighton, Michigan

References 11

Laura Hoeger

Homeowner in San Diego, California

We house sat for Laura's two English Bulldogs, Gari and Liberty, and her cat Spooky for 5 weeks in San Diego, CA. Laura has a nice home and patio backyard. The dogs had their own area of the house to go in and out to the backyard as they pleased. Spooky enjoyed her space to roam alone while we were away from the home as well. Caring for Laura's pets in lovely San Diego was great! Gari was more demanding of our attention when we were home as Laura told us in her ad and in our conversations. Other than giving a lot of petting to Gari, we had to administer some easy medication and cleaning of an infected tail area due to an unforeseen medical issue. Laura had all vet information, great pre=made frozen dog meals, and plenty of kitty liter and food. We also took care of mowing the front and back yards using Laura's father's mower since her gardener had trouble with his mower. We enjoyed having Laura's housekeeper come every other week to clean bathrooms and floors! Watering and trimming some plants were in order. We walked the dogs initially twice a day for a week until Gari decided to play tug-o-war with his leash and we couldn't break him of his fun. But we did get the dogs to walk in the back yard each day doing a follow-me routine!

Date of Service May 23, 2019

Renee Etienne

Homeowner in Portland, Oregon

For thirteen days we house/pet sat for Renne's 16 year old dog named Ginger. She was a precious dog who needed tender loving care and attention. Her arthritic legs needed twice a day medication mixed into her food. She really enjoyed her daily loop around the block. Some days we got her out twice a day.

Date of Service Sep 17, 2017

Amy Prosser

Homeowner in Richmond, California

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday, we sat for Amy & Joe's two cats in Richmond, CA for 15 days. Orlando and Scrappy were two very independent indoor/outdoor cats that enjoyed companionship, pets, and snuggles. We fed them and released them to the big outdoors mornings and evenings upon their needs. Watering indoor/outdoor plants and respectfully watching use of thermostat during unseasonably cold CA temps were our main house duties.

Date of Service Dec 20, 2016

Katie Carnahan

Homeowner in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

We house and dog sat for Katie & John in fabulous Wheat Ridge, CO for 12 days. They have two large sized dogs named Hank & Casey and one smaller sized dog named Jack. Each one had a fun personality and also enjoyed lots of petting, treats, their two feedings and gathering in the family room for evening people/pet interaction. We brought in mail, watered some indoor plants, and even though they didn't ask us to, mowed the lawn.

Date of Service Sep 29, 2016

Angie Ludwick

Homeowner in Mesa, Arizona

Dean and Diane house/dog sat for Angie and Fred for 12 days at their beautiful home in Mesa. We also house/dog sat for 4 days in August for them. Coco is an independent mixed breed who enjoyed running his yard, swimming in the pool, tugging at toys with us, and eating at his leisure. We brought in mail,watered plants, took out trash, and even did some business mailings for Angie and Fred.

Date of Service Sep 14, 2016

Terri Campeau

Homeowner in Brighton, Michigan

Terri Campeau

We house & dog sat for Terri & Steve in awesome Brighton, MI for 9 days, June 23-July 4. Marley is a sweet Spaniel who enjoyed 2 to 3 daily walks, ate twice per day, and needed comfort during three days of fireworks. We also watered numerous outdoor plants and their lawn daily due to the dry climate MI was having.

Date of Service Jun 22, 2016

Barbara Maiden

Homeowner in Largo, Florida

Barbara Maiden

We house & dog sat for Barbara in sunny Largo, Florida for 14 days, June 1-14. We walked, played, brushed & fed Cody, a sweet Pomeranian, daily. Barbara and her husband had indoor and outdoor house plants to care for also.

Our helpfulness truly came when Tropical Storm Colin dumped 9 inches of rain upon the house and unfortunately caused some roof damage with leakage through the roof into a few rooms of their home. Putting a few pans to catch the drippings was a no brainer but would have caused a bit of lloor and furniture damage if we had not been there.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2016

Rebecca Saltonstall

Homeowner in Estes Park, Colorado

Rebecca Saltonstall MD

We house & cat sat for Rebecca in beautiful Estes Park for 6 months January through June 2014. Little cold but great snow hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.
At this date, Rebecca has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and probably is not a great contact. We wanted our potential homeowners to know when we started house sitting.

Date of Service Jan 10, 2014

Vicki & Steve Craig

Acquaintance in Full Time Rv Ers, Texas

These professional National Park Volunteers worked with us at Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial in Ohio during the summer of 2013. We have continued to be friends with these great volunteers.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2013

Mary Davies

Employer in Summerville, South Carolina

Diane taught 1st through 5th graders under Principal Davies for seven years at Windsor Hill Elementary School in Summerville, SC.
Call Mary to find out how Diane treated students and parents, her work ethic, character, and professionalism.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2012

Chuck & Gretchen Augustin

Acquaintance in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Chuck Augustin

Chuck is Dean's childhood friend. During the 1970's, our college days, Chuck and his wife, Gretchen, have known Dean and Diane. We have traveled together throughout the years and visit each other yearly.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012