House Sitter   Marilyn Holly

House Sitter Marilyn Holly

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Location:   Nampa, Idaho

Age:   60

Experience:   1 yr 10 mo

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About Marilyn Holly:

"Leave a place better than you found it" has always been my motto.  I have applied this throughout life whether owning the home or renting.  This is a good motto for relationships and all work positions as well.  Rest assured I continue to live this way and will take impeccable care of your home, and pets if applicable.  I love people and pets.  

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Wow!! I’d like to go away and have Marilyn house sit for me again. It was a joy hearing about her time with my pup as well as seeing the pictures she sent. My dog, who is quite shy and picky about who she loves, absolutely loved Marilyn. She even let Marilyn bathe and brush her- she doesn’t let me! Marilyn made herself at home and worked in the yard, mowed the lawn, left the house picture perfect immaculate and even picked us up at the airport. I couldn’t have imagined a better house/dog sitter. I recommend her 100% and look forward to planning another trip just so she can house/dog sit.

Reviewed May 28, 2023 by homeowner in Boise, Idaho

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Jeanette Bullock

Homeowner in Nampa, Idaho

"Marilyn house sat for us three weeks. She volunteered when she found out we were going to be out of town for an extended time. Since we had most responsibilities covered with family members, we really didn't expect to have anyone stay. What I learned is that Marilyn finds ways to help that I would not have asked of her., even saving family the inconvenience of stopping by to take care of daily things like feeding the dogs. She even played outside in the cold with them (and scooped poop - not expected at all!). Twice a day she filled an outside fountain so it wouldn't freeze. There were many other things where she saw a need and simply took care of it.
Marilyn is not only neat and clean in her appearance, she is also neat and clean in how she takes care of things. I have known Marilyn for many years and found her to be utmost trustworthy and dependable. She is cheerful, kind, and capable of handling situations that may come up. You can be confident that Marilyn will take care of your home as if it were her own (she takes immaculate care of her own)."

Date of Service Nov 15, 2022