House Sitter   Carol Beaver

House Sitter Carol Beaver

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Location:   Boulder, Colorado

Experience:   2 yr 7 mo

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About Carol Beaver:


I live in Boulder, Colorado. This morning I went on a trail run close to my home--I love being active and have pet-sat many friend's dogs who required daily exercise. I love to ski as well, and I do a bit of yoga every day. I LOVE to cook and grow food, and have cooked professionally at one point in my life.  (Recently foraged nettles while on a hike and came home and made homemade ricotta-nettle ravioli). I'm adept at canning and preserving food. 

I've been a freelance photo stylist in commercial photography for almost 30 years and I'm ready to do something more. I love to travel and have traveled to Europe extensively.  I have WWOOF'd in Italy and France, taking care of sheep & horses, bed and breakfast, cooking, gardening, cleaning, ironing, etc. etc.  

During Covid quarantine I stayed at my family's Farm in South Dakota, and was able to reestablish my Mom's perennial gardens, as well as build two waist-high growing boxes, and I pruned and maintained small bushes and trees. I have A+ protocol for health/safety. I'm extremely aware and careful. 

Growing up on a cattle farm, I was always around animals.  I always had a horse, a dog, and plenty of barn-cats! One year I had a calf that I raised to sell at auction. 

I now own three properties with seven rentals in Colorado and Utah, so I understand what it takes to keep up a home and lawn/garden. Except for electric and plumbing, I'm able to do most of the work myself--painting, basic repairs, landscaping etc. I own and know how to use power tools :)  

I don't drink very often. I don't smoke anything or do drugs of any kind.  I love being healthy, taking care of my body and the body of the planet (for a few years I had a small produce business that bought organic produce at the Farmer's Market in Boulder, CO and sold/delivered it to local chefs). 

I have actually traveled in and around 49 of the 50 states in the US except for  Mississippi, and have traveled in most of Europe and to the Yucatan/Mexico, and Chile & Guatemala.  I can read a menu fairly well in Spanish, Italian, German & French. I love walking through markets and grocery stores in foreign countries.  I LOVE music but cannot carry a tune. Love to read. And my favorite thing in the world, I think, besides food, is DRIVING! 

I'm very down-to-earth and chill.

Here's my work website, just so you can see a bit more about me...

No allergies except sulfa-drugs.

I really appreciate you taking this time.


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