House Sitter   Carlyle Coash

House Sitter Carlyle Coash

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Location:   Santa Clara, California

Age:   52

Experience:   2 yr 8 mo

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About Carlyle Coash:

We are Carlyle and Nadine, a couple in our mid forties who are tidy and able to care for many aspects of a home for varying periods of time. 

Carlyle is a spiritual counselor and Nadine is trained as a massage therapist, but we also work online while traveling and exploring the world. Carlyle is also a freelance writer and they both work on other online businesses. 

Our schedule and location is flexible, making it possible for us to plan our itinerary around your travel needs.

Housesitting provides a great place for being able to work in a private, peaceful environment. Plus it gives us the chance to stay longer in an area and get to know a particular location. 

We have experience with basic repair and maintenance for a home. Carlyle owned a home in Colorado for several years, so he has knowledge of the nuts and bolts of what a home needs. Gardening and other chores also are welcome. We are quiet, clean and respectful of the places we get to sit for. We often work on different projects during housesits, so tending to a house, plants and any pets works well together. 

We’ve looked after several homes, mostly in California and Colorado. Most took place for one to three weeks, although we feel comfortable with longer stays. One of the homes had extensive gardens that needed regular watering. Another had two cats, a dog and chickens. Halfway through that sitting experience the chickens hatched about chicks! Talk about learning in the moment. 

Another home had one dog and some simple plant watering, while another had three very independent cats. All the house sit assignments went well and the homeowners were pleased with our services. 

Carlyle has travelled extensively around the world, living in apartments and homes. So although our house sits are primarily in the US, he does bring experience to living in a home in a foreign country. 

We take great pride in keeping a home clean, pets happy and plants green. 

Carlyle is from the U.S. and has travelled in Europe, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and throughout the United States. He is the youngest of and growing up his home featured many dogs. Carlyle speaks some French. Carlyle’s background is in theatre, although the last years he worked as a spiritual counselor for terminally ill children and adults. 

Nadine is also form the U.S., although is half Puerto Rican. She loves to travel and is playing a little bit of catch up to Carlyle. She brings cleaning to an art form and her family has owned dogs and birds. She speaks some Spanish. Nadine is trained in several massage therapy modalities, including Bowen and Deep Tissue. She’s worked the last years with various clients in the San Francisco area, including Google. 

If you’re interested we would love to hear from you in order to set up a phone or call to see if we are the right fit.  

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