House Sitter   Elaine Pflepsen

House Sitter Elaine Pflepsen

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Location:   Madison, Connecticut

Age:   60

Experience:   8 yr 5 mo

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About Elaine Pflepsen:

Caring for other's homes, pets and ranches fills me with complete joy. I've been providing home/pet/ranch care for 35 years.  I am retired from my profession and solely provide care for other's properties and beloved animals.  My profession, in part, worked with others experiencing crisis, trauma, and transition. My passion for working with others easily transfers to caring for animals. 

I grew up in a family-owned hardware store in the Midwest, the Heartland.  My upbringing has allowed me to develop a skill set of 'handiness' allowing me to troubleshoot most unforseen issues.
I've lived in NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Connecticut, the rural high desert mountains of southern Arizona and Nebraska.  I love rural living just as much as major cities.  I've traveled Europe, wandering, exploring many countries.  I've house, cat and dog sat in France, England and Australia. Three years ago, I spent close to 8 months traveling around the world.  I am comfortable with the unknown. I love the process of developing relationships with animals, getting to know their personalities.  I find it exciting as they begin to develop a trusting relationship with me. 

I am fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19. If requested, I will gladly be tested for COVID-19 before my arrival.  I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol.  I live a balanced healthy lifestyle.  Unique requests is my specialty.  I'm very adaptable.  I am single and without children.  I can provide short and long-term care and can travel vast distances if needed.

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Feedback Received 2


Elaine is wonderful! Easy to makes plans with, so friendly, and very reliable. She took great care of my house and my cat.

Reviewed Jan 5, 2023 by homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona


Elaine exceeded in meeting all responsibilities required durine my absence. She went above and beyond. I look forward to using her services in the future. M

Reviewed Apr 16, 2016 by homeowner in Madison, Connecticut

References 3

Melissa Owen

Homeowner in Sasabe, Arizona

My husband and I own a 640-acre ranch in Arizona. We have four dogs, six hens and two horses.. Elaine Pflepsen has proved to be a wonderful ranch-sitter for us. She is punctual and dependable. She truly “cares” for our animals in the most complete way and is sensitive to their needs and contentment. In the past, we had to take one of our dogs for minor emergency surgery and bring her home for Elaine to give her special care and medication so that we could continue our vacation which she did cheerfully and well. She is resourceful and has a very impressive skill set. I can’t imagine any situation that she could not capably deal with. We could highly recommend her for any sort of caretaking situation. Troy McDaniel Melissa Owen Rancho Sierra Vista de Sasabe

Date of Service Nov 23, 2021

Melinda Brown

Homeowner in Madison, Connecticut

Elaine has provided us with loving care for close to 30 years. She first cared for our first born than continued as our pet sitter for our home and 3 precious dogs. Her competency exceeds all expectations. While in her care, we've had medical issues with our dogs which she handled with loving care. She even championed a major sewer backup in our basement. Her knowledge and natural curiosity allowed her to find the issue before extensive damage could occur. Without hesitation, I will continue to use Elaine's services for all my needs.


Melinda Brown

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012

Cindy Strasheim

Homeowner in Hastings, Nebraska

Elaine has been offering home management, updates, and pet sitting since 2000. She cared for one of our loving dogs toward to the end of his life
She cared for him lovingly through sleepless nights, administered medications, and fed him a diet that nourished him when he wanted nothing to do with food.

Elaine has provided updates and refurbishes on our rental property and home.

I appreciate Elaine's critical thinking skills, compassion and kindness. I will continue to use her services as long as she is willing! I highly recommend Elaine. You will feel comforted as she cares for your needs.

Cindy S

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012