House Sitter   Caitlin Mason

House Sitter Caitlin Mason

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Location:   Alajuela, Costa Rica

Age:   33

Experience:   6 mo

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About Caitlin Mason:

We are a married couple, 33 and 30, looking for a long term house sit. We are digital nomads working as a writer and a teacher. We have experience in conservation, caring for animals, caring for disabled adults, teaching children and adolescents, organising and running volunteer programs. and housesitting. We have travelled extensively and are used to all living conditions! We are easy-going, friendly and hard-working individuals who adore being in nature.

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Milena May

Employer in El Zonte, Central America

To whom it may concern,
I am happily taking a moment to share my experience working with Caitlin Mason and Adam
Harrison through Workaway. They have been working with our family since September 2021 as
homeschool teachers for Sacha, our 13 year on son, and they will stay with us through May of
We are very much pleased with how the trade is unfolding; Caitlin and Adam are both such
unique people and together they form a supportive, stable and cheery team. We are impressed
with their ability to connect with Sacha in their own style and how they combine learning with
having fun!
We are also very appreciative of their ability to take on a project and run it in a most
independent manner, while respecting the guidelines that were offered. For the first time in my
homeschooling experience, I can sit back and trust that the work is being done.
Caitlin and Adam are also simply pleasant to have around while being self-managed, low key
and responsible. They have blended well in the community and have taking it upon themselves
to discover the surroundings on their own.
A particular aspect that I must highlight about them is that they are completely reliable; when
they say that they will do something, they do it, and they are mature in their ability to
communicate, give and receive feedback, complete projects in due time, all the while
maintaining a pleasant and dynamic presence.
From the moment a commitment was made to work with us, they have been true to their word.
I can see that they take their time to make their selection and to feel out each opportunity but
once they feel engaged, they move in that direction all heartedly.
I believe that they will spread love and joy wherever they go and anyone working with them can
rest assure that they will make the given task even better than intended!
I hope that this information is helpful and feel free to reach out if you would like more
information on our experience working with Caitlin and Adam.
Yours sincerely,
Milèna B.
+503 7416 0867

Date of Service Sep 1, 2021