House Sitter   Crystal Hofler

House Sitter Crystal Hofler

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Location:   Chesapeake, Virginia

Age:   54

Experience:   2 yr 1 mo

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About Crystal Hofler:

 Hello Friends.  I'm Crystal Hofler, actually a new house sitter, but not new to houses! I have been meeting home owners at there residences  since 2006 as a Notary loan closer, facilitating the final signing of the documents for closing. Many customers are extremely surprised that their usually shy pets  come out to greet and make contact with me. It is truly endearing!!

I actually started my early years on a farm with numerous dogs, cats, chickens, hogs, and bulls, since my grandfather was a Farmer.
You will experience a kind hearted sensitive and dutiful house sitter as we agree to make your dear ones comfortable, safe and well protected while getting in play time and feedings as well. A great note is that since I've been a notary I've been background checked each year! And I also serve as a Personal Certified Life Coach supporting individuals on their life journeys, while encouraging and guiding towards their success.
 And I look forward to supporting you with your dear pet needs also!!
   See You soon!!

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