House Sitter   Kris Tanseco

House Sitter Kris Tanseco

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Location:   Canyon Country, California

Age:   63

Experience:   6 mo

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About Kris Tanseco:

I am a responsible, hardworking, trustworthy. I just recently retired  working in the mortgage industry and prefer to work as a house sitter so that I'll have a chance to experience living in a luxury homes , and see different places. I am a dog/animal lover and my advocacy is to help stray dogs in different parts of the world. Since I am retired now and my funds are limited I would like to be able to make extra income so I can continue with my advocacy. Even if you are only paying for one person me & my partner will be working together as one. Pls note we no longer own a dog now they both passed away, 15 & 18 yrs old. Looking forward to working with someone who can give us a a chance to be of service.

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