House Sitter   Kay Reichel

House Sitter Kay Reichel

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Location:   Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Age:   56

Experience:   10 mo

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About Kay Reichel:

  1. Mature, professional, responsible, spiritual, trustworthy, reliable, loyal, quiet couple married for 20+ years.  No pets, no drinking, no drugs, no smoking, no parties. Children are grown.  He details cars, fixes computers, is a handyman and likes to stay active with household projects.  She worked over 30 years as paralegal, office manager and likes to organize, make gourmet meals, decorate, paint and can run a business and take care of all legal and financial matters.  We owned businesses together including DJ, wedding photography, restaurants and fitness centers.  We eat healthy and organic and live a chemical free life as much as possible.  Our ideal situation is to live in a beachfront home that we would maintain, clean and care for including gardening, upkeep, car care and treat as our own as housesitters or co-habitate with owners and prepare meals, shop, and personally assist with all household or business matters, but still have time to enjoy life.  We like to travel and have owned many homes ourselves.  We would be a perfect fit for busy couples or retired couple who may need caretakers.  

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