House Sitter   Caroline Merlant

House Sitter Caroline Merlant

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Location:   St Marcel Campes, France

Age:   60

Experience:   11 mo

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About Caroline Merlant:

A bit more about me and Jean-Christophe, my husband:

We are a French / Australian couple in our early sixties, in good shape and full of energy, open to new experiences and encounters in beautiful corners of the world.

We love pets and have experience caring for animals. We volunteered in a dog shelter for years and have fostered many dogs in our home to help them get ready for adoption.

We also own properties we have renovated and maintained over the years so we appreciate and respect other people home and objects. 

We are trustworthy and dependable and we take our responsibilities seriously.

We are French born and have lived in Sydney, Australia for the last 30 years, therefore we are dual citizens French / Australian.

We have 4 adult children, all living in Australia. All the rest of our family is based in Europe, France, Belgium, Spain.

We run a company in Australia and New Zealand and work remotely, helped by a team based in Sydney and Auckland.

We decided 2 years ago to spend a few years in Europe to enjoy spending time with our family and explore countries we love.

We decided to settle in Barcelona for 1 year to study Spanish and experience life in this vibrant city.

We have lived over the years in cities and in the country and like the different advantages they both offer.

We are currently based in the south of France and as we are free from any constraints, we decided we would enrich our life experience by house sitting in different countries and environments.

We are available at short notice for house/pet sitting missions.

We speak fluent French and English and get by in Spanish.

We are happy to provide references.

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References 1

Cynthia Forshaw

Acquaintance in Sydney, Australia

From: Cynthia Forshaw
Sent: Tuesday, 19 February 2019 6:03:44 AM
Subject: Doggie Rescue reference

To Whom It May Concern

Doggie Rescue is a Sydney-based no-kill rescue organisation. We take dogs (and also cats) from council pounds saving them from the fate of euthanasia...and provide them with a life-affirming home until they can be adopted into a forever home.

Please view our website at

Caroline Merlant has been an important and trusted member of our rescue team for a number of years.
I have worked with her for all those years in my capacity as Foster Carer Co-ordinator.

Doggie Rescue can only survive with the support and commitment of wonderful volunteers like Caroline who has, over the years, taken 7 different dogs into her home as foster dogs.
She has a depth of knowledge in animal welfare which she has used in turning these scared, shy, unresponsive dogs into members of the family. Her huge amount of love for abused, neglected dogs has allowed these dogs to develop and show their hidden, beautiful personalities and charm their way into the hearts of a forever family.
Many of our dogs have had very little socialising with humans or other dogs so it takes a very special sort of person to take these dogs into one’s home. Caroline has taken these dogs into her home and her heart, put months of work into turning them into sociable, house-trained family members...and then has been strong enough to hand them over to another family to continue the journey.

Caroline Merlant has a proven record of abilities in working with dogs and was our longest serving foster carer.
The fact that she has been entrusted with the lives of 7 foster dogs speaks for itself.
She comes with the highest recommendation from Doggie Rescue.


Cynthia Forshaw
Foster Carer Co-ordinator
Contact details.....61 2 9427 4161 or 61 400 075 132

Tue – Sun 10am – 5pm
2 McCowan Rd crn Bloodwood Rd
Ingleside 2101
Ph 02 9486 3133
F 02 9486 3136

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018