House Sitter   Tim Schomburg

House Sitter Tim Schomburg

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Location:   Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Age:   55

Experience:   1 yr 9 mo

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About Tim Schomburg:

Hello, my name is tim Schomburg,  I've just recently moved from Boise Idaho to lake havasu city to move in with my uncle. Im mostly retired as i was in the gulf and still have some lingerimg effects. Mostly back problems and slleep problems. I am single and my two children are young adults.
I have an eye for keeping property safe and secure as well as Mastering the ability of being able to pay attention to detail.
I've been to 42 countries and my availabity is wide open starting Sept 2020 moving forward.

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Steve Wilson

Homeowner in Boise, Idaho

Tim worked for me on several occasions and locations.
Tim's duties included loo king after my large farm and caring for my livestock and fish.. I always felt secure knowing Tim was managing all of the details that went a long with keeping a farm running day to day..
Tim was an excellent resource to have on hand with his keen eye for security and potential problems.
Tim also handled one of my investment properties in dealing with renter and getting them all set up in the new house..tim is very personable and intelligent as well as laid he's really a delight to work with
With Tim's short list of ailments from the gulfwar.. bit none kept him from workings of things s I needed
Finished. Tim is great with neighbors as well as contractors.

Date of Service May 5, 2016