House Sitter   Andrew Wrist

House Sitter Andrew Wrist

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Location:   Mountain View, California

Age:   28

Experience:   2 mo

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About Andrew Wrist:

My girlfriend, Savannah, and I are a couple with flexible jobs (remote-working engineer and per diem registered nurse) that allow us to travel and live nearly anywhere in the world.  While our love for travel keeps us from having a pet of our own, we are both animal lovers.  Savannah even grew up helping her veterinarian parents on their small family farm.  In addition, we are very active individuals and would provide plenty of exercise for your fur babies.  We are both accustomed to living and working in urban and rural environments and are open to contracts of any length, from just a few days to multiple weeks or months.  Our goal is to experience living in new places and create connections with people from various backgrounds.

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