House Sitter   Stefan S.

House Sitter Stefan S.

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Location:   Oxford, United Kingdom

Age:   30

Experience:   5 mo

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About Stefan S.:


Young and reliable house-sitter

— including pets, small tasks, property watch, security walks; as requested or preferred —

[More photos of imperatively higher quality are available on request.]

I'll be doing some studying and I will bring my teas.

Hence, this essential house-sitting quality, in my opinion.

Available on WhatsApp   07587 608 353   and email:   life [dot] achievements [at] keemail [dot] me

♦  Young and efficient house-sitter.

Versatile professional.

Considerable travelling and cultural experiences.

♦  Highly reliable, good ethics, very considerate with others.

Very COVID-aware and prepared, as well.

♦  Lived and worked in English and French environments, mainly.

i.e. Various homes, properties, companies and communities / neighbourhoods.

Visited quite a few other select places in Europe, however.

♦  Pleasant presence.

Pets and animals will sense a good mood.


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