House Sitter   Susan Harper

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House Sitter Susan Harper

Location:   Mckenzie Bridge, Oregon

Experience:   8 mo

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About Susan Harper:

Hello there!


My name is Susan and I like to be called Susan. I am a retired office professional. I like to work on fiber arts like knitting or crocheting. Also reading, walking and gardening.


I have experience with owning houses and know how important it is to have peace of mind.


I am working on my second year of house sitting. My last appointment was for a couple who had a beautiful home and mini farm. Had baby chics while they were away too! Met the neighbor when he came over with one of the goats. He was so kind to help me mend the fence.


I need to house sit for 4 months every year. I live in a 55+ RV Co-op community and the regulations only allow for eight months occupancy. But I can take those four months anytime and also not all at the same time. So, you can see that I’m pretty flexible. I do ask for advance notice so I have time to prepare.

House sitting allows me to have a roof over my head and you the peace of mind. So, it is the ideal situation for both parties.


My needs are WIFI and heat. I am a non-smoker and clean and tidy by nature. So along with taking care of your home and presence of someone living there, I will be enjoying my hobbies, meet new people and work on my Esty page all the while caring for your home and pets.


References available upon request.

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Pam Rawlins

Homeowner in Salem, Oregon

March, 2019

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: for Susan Harper, housesitter

Susan Harper stayed in our home for over 7 weeks from December, 2018 to February, 2019. She maintained our home, which included cleaning, watering plants, collecting the mail, overseeing the trash services, and managing and problem solving issues related to stormy weather. We were very confident that our home was in good hands, and that proved to be a reality once we returned.
It is my pleasure to highly recommend Susan Harper as a wonderful, competent, and thoughtful house sitter.

Pam Rawlins, homeowner

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015