House Sitter   Kristine Winter

House Sitter Kristine Winter

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Location:   Kenyon, Minnesota

Age:   51

Experience:   3 yr 4 mo

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About Kristine Winter:

 I am organized, resourceful, reliable, capable, and love animals.  I work from home and as long as I have internet I can be anywhere in the world.  I am an avid traveler and have explored Europe extensively. I am recently divorced and settled with a friend in Minnesota.  My former husband and I ran a guest cabin rental business for 28 years in Alaska.  I have a bachelors degree and have held executive level jobs for more than 15 years. My father is a veterinarian so I grew up with all manner of animals in my life and am an avid animal lover. 

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References 2

Paul Rude

Employer in Glennallen, Alaska

I served as the Director of Health Services under Paul Rude, CEO of Copper River Native Association for three years. I would be glad to supply copies of my written evaluations under Paul should you be interested.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2019

Vickie Willis Dc

Acquaintance in Glennallen, Alaska

I have worked with Dr. Willis on multiple projects over the past three decades. She and I are kindred spirits and both capable, independent, and adventurous women.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018