House Sitter   Kathryn Caric

House Sitter Kathryn Caric

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Location:   Morehead, Kentucky

Age:   27

Experience:   3 yr 4 mo

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About Kathryn Caric:


My name is Kate. I am a writer who focuses on sustainable fashion. I love to travel and have lived in China, Turkey, and the UK. Ive worked as a house sitter on multiple occasions. Looking  after plants, pets, farms,  strays, and even managed staff sometimes. I really love actually getting to know a place instead of just being a tourist which is why I joined the platform. I’m currently based in the UK and when I do travel do so with friends or someone else. Feel free to message me! 

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Kritika Cerreta

Homeowner in Shanghai, China

Looked after Kritikas wonderful cat Posey, her small garden and courtyard and managed her household staff while she was traveling during the holiday period

Date of Service Jan 10, 2018