House Sitter   Karen Roberts

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House Sitter Karen Roberts

Location:   Sarasota, Florida

Age:   55

Experience:   2 yr 6 mo

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About Karen Roberts:

I am a caring, trustworthy, health-conscious person, and have had many animals all my life. I've owned a several acre property in Austin, TX where we acquired horses, goats, many egg-laying chickens, cats, dogs, & bunnies.  In addition, we had a good size organic garden that we maintained and harvested many vegetables & herbs.

I'm a holistic chef with a passion for healing foods, and am reinventing myself this year by developing & teaching travel workshops, which will allow me to very flexible with my schedule.  I decided to start a house sitting business because I've been a passionate caregiver of 2 beautiful children (now in college), and various animals that I put much heart into & feel I have a gift with strong tendencies to love & nurture. Therefore, I'm able to offer many services for your needs; bringing in the mail, trash/recycling , plant/garden care, animal care, & immaculate care of your home. I will even provide delicious healthy meal/s upon your return for a negotiated rate, and/or stock your fridge with your favorite goodies! I have recent experience & references are: 
Leonard Olson - 214-649-5005 & Jayme Westrom - 941- 726-4400.
I will care for your home as if it were my own. I look forward to connecting!
Thanks for reading my profile.

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References 2

Leonard Olson

Homeowner in Bradenton, Florida

Feed & walk 2 large German Sheppards twice a day.
Bring in mail, water plants, maintain clean home &
Run errands

Date of Service May 10, 2017

Jayme Westrom

Homeowner in Osprey, Florida

Feed & care for cats, bring mail in, water plants &
Maintain clean home while owner was away.

Date of Service Feb 1, 2017