House Sitter   Shandel Santorini

House Sitter Shandel Santorini

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Location:   Bozeman, Montana

Age:   51

Experience:   4 yr 8 mo

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About Shandel Santorini:

Hello my friend!

As a world traveler myself, I know how important it is to enjoy your time away knowing your home, assets and sometimes furry friends are taken care of properly.  I have been there myself.

I work as a flight attendant with large blocks of days off each month.  I previously held corporate positions for the airline, doing sales at C level interactions.  I have also been both a host and a guest with AirBnB - caring for those who travel where I am as well as me being a responsible guest in the homes that hosted me.

I volunteer at sporting events, using doing security.  My role as a flight attendant also include my training of discernment too.  I think you will find me pleasant, trustworthy and good with communication.

Let me know how I can be of assistance.  Happy travels!


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References 2

Chad Medina

Acquaintance in Kansas City, Missouri

Roomate/crashpad mate while working as flight attendants.

Date of Service Aug 18, 2015

Mindy Foster

Acquaintance in Fort Worth, Texas

Mindy was a guest/resident in my AirBnB home for many months off and on. She can attest how I care for the residents who stayed with me and how I kept a clean home with attention to responsibility.

Date of Service Jul 1, 2013