House Sitter   Stefanie Jackson

House Sitter Stefanie Jackson

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Location:   Washington, District of Columbia

Age:   33

Experience:   1 yr 2 mo

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About Stefanie Jackson:

Hello! Welcome to my profile! I’m and I’m happy to house sit for you.  Our homes are our safe havens and want to make sure that they are cared for and protected when we are there and while we are away. It takes care of our primary needs and is therefore a highly valued possession. I know searching for the right person to take care of  your home is not something you are taking lightly. 

So let me tell you what makes me that person for you. Communication is key for me.We will communicate often enough for you to know that your home is secure your pets are adjusted and loved and everything is in order. If you are away chances are that you away on business or for personal and no one likes to be hounded by phone calls. 

I only take housing assignments I know I can commit to. I am reliable and I always show up before or on time for all meetings prepared for what’s ahead. Aside from Housesitting I am also a therapist and I own and operate my own virtual private therapy practice  Divine Mind Therapeutics. I promise to show up for you the way I do my therapy clients and my business. 

I am attentive, detail oriented and clean. I will follow your instructions to the tee and whatever I am unclear on I will communicate and ask for clarity. You can expect to return to your home and find it better than when you found it. 

One of my life philosophies is that I elevate anyone that crosses my path and any space I enter into. As a person I am kind, playful, optimistic and love adventure. I am a traveler a healer and trusted friend and confidant. 

If I am exactly what you’re looking for then let’s book a call and get started!

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References 3

Travis Gibson

Acquaintance in Denver, Colorado

I housesat for Travis for 2 weeks while he was vacationing in Peru. I took care of the following tasks:
Occupied the house and monitor surveillance
Turns lights on and off from time to time
Walk, feed, play with his Australian Sheppard Shadow and tended to his cute cat Lola
Answered the telephone, take notes, and relay important messages
Vacuums and sweeps the floor
Collects the mail

Date of Service Jul 19, 2022

Lisa Taylor

Employer in Danville, Virginia

Traveled to the homes of clients to provide therapeutics services to families and children
Coordinated team meetings
Data entry
Submitting documentation in a timely manner
Supervised and trained new therapists and staff
Created art and curated activities for 2 offices

Date of Service Feb 28, 2020

William Mack

Homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia

Occupy the house and monitor surveillance
Turn lights on and off from time to time
Answer the telephone, takes notes, and relay important messages
Vacuum and sweep the floor
Collect the mail
Waters the plants
Feed, play with, care for his fur baby Beverly

Date of Service Oct 27, 2019