House Sitter   Liz Perez

House Sitter Liz Perez

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Location:   Mexico, Mexico

Age:   36

Experience:   2 mo

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About Liz Perez:


My name is Lizbeth (but I love being called Liz). I am from Mexico City, and I have planned to spend some time in Los Angeles CA in October and November. I am a pet and plant lover. In my hometown Mexico City I am the owner of 3 cats (Kitty, Gordito and Leighton) and one dog named Bambi. I am a freelancer in the music industry doing marketing for different disc labels and indie projects. I've created a special program for musicians that are starting their career and want to learn how to manage their own projects. I am also studying different spiritual tools to start a new Project focused on meditation and well being. While I'm working on my computer,  I can also look after your lovely animals at the same time. My desire is to take Bambi, my dog with me, she is amazing with other cats and dogs and of course he is house trained. But if it is not possible, I will understand.

The idea of spending some time in LA is because I love the city and I want to start doing some networking in the music industry and expand my connection booklist, during my entire life I have been in touch with animal care and I know how to treat them, love them and spend quality time with them also. I know how difficult it is to trust your home and your things to unknown people, please feel free to check my professional and personal background, I could take a video or bring letters from people that I have worked with, and also personal relationships that I have grown during my entire life, depending or what you need in order for you to get to know me better and to feel totally sure that your belongings and your pets will receive the best treatment from me.

I provide here my personal social media links in order for you to feel free to research.

Instagram @lizpeku

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