House Sitter   Daniel Noah

House Sitter Daniel Noah

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Location:   Bainbridge, New York

Age:   64

Experience:   7 mo

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About Daniel Noah:

I am currently maintaining a property at 20 Spring St. in Afton, N.Y., -for Mike Graves of, 'Graves Show Productions'. Mr. Graves, can be reached at (301) 300-7104- which agreement runs from November '20-July 1 '21.

Previously, I was a Mgr of a fitness /raquetball center for 10 yrs...thereafter, a certified personal trainer.

In the 90's, bodyguard & security before I got old.
2000's light carpentry/house painting.

Cancer/CKD in remission 4 yrs, I am currently capable of handling any and or all functions of reasonable light duty for your premises.

Would prefer a rural topography...willing and able to handle any functions necessary to maintain property(s)...a longer (1yr. plus)duration, is preferable to a short appointment.

Point of interest: I played an important part in Bill Cartwright's career.
Month's before he was traded from the N.Y. Knicks to the Chicago Bulls...

I did not study nutrition in college. However, concurrent to fitness center mgr, I would read four or five books a month regarding the latest science on nutrition and health, which were written by practicing physicians/clinicians who were not reaching the people with peer reviewed studies...

Joe Paterno, was the head coach at Penn State in 1975, the year they were the #1 team in college football, told River Dell alumni, Ev Sherman,  I was one of the top 3 HB's that he'd seen that year (on film) from Maine to Florida.            I could not avoid college and out.

Skip ahead, when the N.Y. Giants asked former U.Wyoming head coach(my coach at U.Wyoming in '76) Fred Akers, who had moved ('77)on to take the head coaching job at U. Texas(longhorns)about this RB he had coached  at  Wyoming Daniel Noah, who was at GIANTS Stadium looking for a tryout...

Coach Akers said that I was better than Jim Bertelson who played for the Rams. Same type runner, but that I cut better.

So, the GIANTS Player Personel Director Jim Trimble, worked me out...afterwords, he asked me to write my number down, that he would be in touch. So, I get a call (a week later)to go back to GIANTS Stadium for a more in depth w/o for Ray Perkins' RB coach Bob Lord...I caught all the balls...vertical/41 inches-standing broad jump not quite 11 ft. and ran a 4.5 40...outside(middle of Feb.) at the end of the w/o running a 'go' route, I tore my rt. adductor muscle...

The following year:
Before the 2nd attempt with the GIANTS, 1 month prior, I tore an ankle ligament on a dunk attempts akward landing(stepped on some guys foot) and tore it.

So, I stopped playing basketball and played tennis...whereupon, the next year, I tore the other ankle on an errant ball that entered my court.

Summing up: 
A christian I trust, said,  The Lord Jesus said, "Daniel Noah, was as good at his position as Odell Beckam is at his ." 
So there you go. What does all this mean?
  It is important to stay healthy no matter how talented you are. And though things don't always work out, one must have the courage of their convictions. These injury issues, drove me to an endless loop of research...that maybe I'd missed something...

 I hadn't...chance and the vagaries of this life, just happen.

Around this same time('85), a friend broke his neck skiing and he was paralyzed from the neck down...for the rest of his time on earth...while I'm realizing I'll never have a shot at the hall of fame, because first you have to actually play in the NFL.

 Bill Cartwright: 
A N.Y. Knick, who was repeatedly fracturing one foot then the other...these chronic injuries, were jeopardizing his career. These 4 seperate foot fractures seemed unremitting... after the 4th fracture, the Knicks traded Cartwright to the Chicago Bulls...

Just before Bill Cartwright was traded, I had the privilege of a chance meeting at the local 7-11 in Hillsdale N.J.

Bill Cartwright was on his way home, and had stopped into the 7-11 for some snacks. It was around 11:00pm...Bill Cartwright was wearing a double buttoned black leather duster type jacket.

Bill, had two large bottles
(64 oz)of Coca Cola with chips and dip.

I  introduced myself(I'm a huge N.Y. Knick fan.I watched the  '69 &'73 championship teams.)

I said, "Mr. Cartwright, I'm a huge fan of the Knicks and love your game... 
Wow!  Now I know why you keep having foot fractures."

Bill Cartwright goes, " What, what do you mean? How do you know that?"

I said, " How much do you drink in one night?"
Bill says,  "I'll probably drink both bottles tonight(Bill Cartwright is 7 ' 1" and round about 250 lbs).

I said,  "Really"?  Bill says, " Yes"...

I say, " The soda has a lot of phosphuric  acid in it, and the only way that the body can eliminate it,
is by binding the phosphoric acid to calcium.
And since you drink so much of it, you have compromised/weakened your bones...
 Your body chemistry is forced to leech calcium out of your bones, to neutralize this phosphoric acid. Maintaining  the blood ph is the bodies priority...

Further, I said, " All of your bones are compromised at this point. However, because of the stress of running the floor for hours at a time, your feet are stressed the most, your 'red lining' the bones of your feet.  The tensile strength or torque capacity of the bones of your feet have been compromised by the phosphoric acid in the Coke."

So if you stop the soda and switch to seltzer water ...skip the dip... try celery with cream cheese. No more chips or Doritos...your bones will normalize and strengthen in a couple of months."

At this point, I could see the expression change in his face, he was getting really annoyed now. Maybe a little pissed? He raised his voice some, "What the hell...


I said, "Bill, these doctors are not taught much about nutrition... I'm also going to pray to Jesus to heal your feet tonite." He thanked me profusely...
I was elated that I impacted his career success.

Check out Bill Cartwright's stats with the Chicago Bulls, cause he was traded a couple of months after our conversation...

Bill Cartwright played 6 years with the Bulls, helping Michael Jorden win 4 titles.

Further, Bill Cartwright played another year after the Bulls ...   with the Seatle Supersonics...

I'm not bragging here, but I was instrumental in helping Bill Cartwright avoid another foot fracture...
Maybe his career could have ended before it really took off in Chicago.

How I got cancer and CKD? With a hospital admission of a GFR of '9'  and BP of 270/150, is because  I had no insurance(deductible rose to 8 thousand, and therefore bagged the insurance. Besides,  I NEVER got sick...

 My prostrate enlarged and at the the time, I ignored the bladder issue, as I had to finish my summer painting contracts...and therefore, delayed seeing a doctor for 9 months...

The problem : the urine blew back into the kidneys, for 9 months and the docs theorized I got bladder cancer because around 150cc of urine never left the bladder for those many months. 

The urologist wanted to do a trans urethral resection, for my enlarged prostate gland(which no one seems to know why it enlarges)I said, "No way, I've researched it, and I want a green light laser instead."
The doc was pissed and out he stormed...

There was only one doc in my insurance plan who was trained to use a laser...the green light laser vaporized half my prostate, which eliminated the restricted urine flow, the genesis of my problems.

While on the table, the doc decided to vaporize my bladder cancer as well.

I utilized a radical approach akin to the author of "Chris Beat Cancer" book. I refused oncologist follow up. I rejected the meds the Nephrologist recommended. A doctor who treats himself, has a 'fool for a patient'. What is a patient called  who treats himself? Maybe they would most would say, "Jackass" ??

Four years, no dialysis...
Four years no cancer problems...besides, with a stage 4 CKD diagnosis, the oncologists bag of tricks would put me on dialysis and a need for a kidney transplant.

I am utilizing  regenerative science.
And like the head of the 'Genome Research Project',     Dr. Francis Collins(The book, "The Language of God")
I stand with the good doctor, in trusting the God of the DNA to have my back either stress is a freeing, a exhilarating way to live.

I am still -successfuly- self treating 4 yrs running after MD consultation(s)regarding my  cancer operation four years ago..
. CKD is stable 4 yrs now as well...disciplined eating regimen, with Liposomal treatment, along with various supplements, herbs, garlic. Actually, it would take 6 pages to explain the regimen...

I will, have an occasional beer during the hot summer months...not a drugs,  a death sentence for any cancer survivor who also has CKD. 

And obviously, I have a Great Pyrenees, a magnificent creature of the God I serve, who ABSOLUTELY NEVER INSTIGATES ANYTHING...EVER!   DOG OR CAT.

You can look up the breed strong points...he is (4 yrs old)165 asset to any rural property.

Unniversity of Wyoming class of 1981... so, obviously, I would prefer a rural setting....know a little bit about horses.
 My Great Pyrenees was raised his 1st yr on a nearby farm here in rural upstate  (100  miles outside of Albany, N.Y.)New York.
I obtained  this dog from a sick livestock/ farmer/owner, which owner, died 2 months after releasing 'Titus' to me... I am 6 ft and back to my 210 lbs. fighting weight. So, I have my health back and  capable of maintaining a property. 

Varied interests:

Author P.G. Wodehouse.

 Telomeres extenders/protectors, along with stem cell activators...
Liposomal delivery system, which has improved my GFR important (or should be)adjunct for any CKD survivor... and last but not least, we seem to have entered an episode of the twilight zone, w/o commercials. What is the next part TPTB have planned?
                                        IHS, Daniel Noah

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