House Sitter   Silvi Kuhnert

House Sitter Silvi Kuhnert

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Location:   Deerfield Beach, Florida

Age:   64

Experience:   9 mo

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About Silvi Kuhnert:

I am a European/ American educated  Professional now retired with a young minded personality. I live currently in the beautiful Sound of Music city Salzburg, Austria 1 hr from Munich Airport, where I worked the last 5 years as a Sound of Music & historical Tourguide. Before, I lived and worked 25 years as a Financial Advisor in Boca Raton, Florida & 9 years in Munich, working for Xerox. The Covid Pandemie has shortend my last dream career as a  Sound of Music Tourguide. Therefore, I had to retire.

I love animals owned 3 dogs, birds, cats; I train dogs. I am confident, that I can take care of your pets or house. I wish to help around the house in exchange for few weeks or months staying in a guest room plus possibly a small share for my flight ticket from Germany or rental car but NOT a must.I miss America and seeking assignments starting 3 weeks or longer anywhere in Florida possibly other locations. I am very honest, friendly, respectful, Non Smoker with a healthy, quite life style. 

I care about my and your health & take precautions not to get infected with Corona wearing a mask and scheduled for an immunization and I welcome a copy of your driver's license for my security and whereabout of my stay for my family only if you wish to assign me of course. I provide my ID's as well.

As a former home owner and landlord in Sarasota & Deerfield Beach, I know, how to take care of a property. Please contact me with any questions. I have my US phone which works fine in Europe in case you wish to interview me in person by phone, Skype or Whatsapp.  I still hold my residency in Deerfield Beach, Florida. 

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Silvi was a wonderful house and pet sitter. My trips got extended and Silvi ended up staying for 2 full months. During that time she took care of my 3 poodles walking them daily at the park in the morning and the evening. She administered medicine daily to 2 of my pets. She keep up the house and mowed the lawn as well as weeded and made sure my yard both front and back were completely clean of any plant and weed debris. She kept the inside of my house clean and was willing to bring me to and from the airport 3 times. I provided her with a car so while I was away she would have freedom to visit the area and do her shopping as well as be ready in the event of an emergency. I would highly recommend Silvi for any type of sitting job as she is very organized, clean, nonsmoking and enjoys herself in any situation.

Reviewed Oct 17, 2021 by homeowner in Edgewater, Florida