House Sitter   Ursula Diane

House Sitter Ursula Diane

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Location:   Fountain Hills, Arizona

Age:   54

Experience:   1 yr 7 mo

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About Ursula Diane:

Lover of all animals and of beautiful things.  Caring for animals and luxury homes are my forte`... my creatures of comfort if you will.  And I have mad respect for the person who's worked so hard to acquire such comforts.  It is this combination of interests that make this position so perfect for me.  

I don't like the akwardness of describing myself and bragging my selling points.  Everyone sees everybody else differently anyway, and it's really something I'd rather leave up to you to decide.  However that defeats the purpose here, and you really need to know a little something about me to help you choose (or not choose).  So I'll tell you the obvious characteristics and let the rest be derived from your own perception.  

I am an energetic, meticulous housewife, who's honest, loyal, easy going, and attentive. I take pride in exceeding one's expectations and in eliminating their stress and worry.  I will treat your home and /or pets as if they were my own.  And I run my own ship tightly.  

Married 7 yrs, my wonderful husband owns his own mobile mechanic business and I am his entire office, working from home.  We have no children, no pets, and virtually no one to report to, making us rather flexible.  We are a quiet pair, concentrating on making a comfortable senior lifestyle for the second half of our life span.  We are drug free, don't gamble, drink on rare occasion, and try to live a healthy lifestyle.  We are both very dependable, responsible, givers of our community, and enjoy helping those less fortunate.  He is commissioned to teach Christianity.  I have a business degree and spend much of my free time researching topics of relevence and interest, educating myself every chance I get.  

I mention him because anything requiring an overnight stay would bring him into the picture.  I go where he goes.  

He's great at his work, works all the time, and loves to go-go-go.  
I used to be more like that, but now I just enjoy my me-time and love to be at home.  Give me some privacy, a pool, and some pets and I'll never leave again. 

I love homemaking... that's what I'm great at, and my home must reflect it because since forever people have said my house is the model.  Everything we do in life stems from the elements of home.  And I believe a clean, stable, well-kept home makes a person happy, healthy, and well-rounded.  

So I don't want you to worry when you're not able to be home.  You can still endure the magical affects that a good home provides for you in all aspects of your life.  You just need a little help is all.  I'd love to help you maintain that welcoming home environment for all members of your household , even when you cannot be there.  This includes fostering your pets too if applicable... they are part of your dynasty... your family.  

I/we, are anything but lazy.  I have always taken pride in my home and I never stop with improving and maintaining that level of looking brand new.  That's the way I'll treat your property as well.  

If you'd like excellent tenent references, I will provide them.  

If you have pets that need my attention, I will always go out of my way to make them comfortable.  I love all animals.  Domestic and wildlife.  And they sense that in me.  I've made lots of furry friends along the way and this is actually the first time in my whole life that I've been pet-less.  After my last passed away, I vowed to not have any more because I simply cannot bear the heartache which consumes me when they depart.  

Though I'm sure there are a lot of wonderful people here, I promise you can't find anyone more dedicated, grateful, trustworthy, and genuine to serve your needs.  You can relax knowing... I got you.

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References 3

Mary Jo/ralph Scatino

Homeowner in Fountain Hills, Arizona

Couple owns 2 vacation rentals near their winter home and lives back East 6 mo/yr, so needed caretaker to oversee the 2 income properties.

Kept amenities stocked and maintained items inventory. Did walk-thrus for return deposits. Handled any damage issues (initiated repair process). Did weekly pool service when they were in between contracting service companies. Managed condition of landscaping (watering levels, hiring tree trimmers, etc). Managed staging between bookings for appearance appeal. Commandeered an interior ant invasion. Painted the patio floor. Repaired Malibu lighting system. Performed small repairs (broken cabinet sliding shelf, toilet flush replacement/repair, door lock replacement, secured loose bedframe, tightened loose plumbing fixtures, troubleshooting of pool waterfall feature, restored bathtub finish to new, resolved plumbing backup odor, repaired misaligned storage shed doors, maintained cleanliness of backyard throughout Monsoon season, skimmed pool daily, refilling of hummingbird feeders, scheduled carpet cleaners, deep cleaned some appliances, repaired vacuume, fumigated for pest control (scorpions, Palo Verde Beetles, etc)... and more.

I even doubled last minute as their housekeeper once and had to thoroughly clean the larger home to prepare for next booking, as her regular housekeeper contracted COVID-19.

Loved this gig but they are back for 6 mo and services no longer needed

Date of Service May 1, 2020

Tyree/atasha Kelly

Homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona

Checked in 2-3 times daily M-F to walk their 6 mo old puppy, feed him, clean his cage, play with him, keep him company, trained him not to bark, trained not to chew, took him on errands, and cared for him and helped her with house cleaning while they had weekend getaways. I still miss him but am no longer living next door.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2019

Rose Anne Tomaselli

Homeowner in Scottsdale, Arizona

When Rose Anne left for Italy for 3 mo, I took care of her dog, cat, tortoises, and home, all while staying in her guest house. I enjoyed gardening, weekly pool maintenance, plant watering, walking and bathing the dog, grooming the cat, upgrading the tortoise den, shopping for pet food, and llight, routine maintenance of her home.

Date of Service Apr 1, 2017