House Sitter   Jonna Read

House Sitter Jonna Read

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Location:   Reno, Nevada

Age:   68

Experience:   1 yr 3 mo

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About Jonna Read:

Hi, I’m Jonnalee,

I’m  a retired school counselor since since 2012 and registered dietitian recently.   I’ve have and had up to 4 rentals at a time. I loved it, especially vacation rentals where people seem more respectful of the property. I usually do the cleaning and ‘girl’ stuff , yard work and painting. I have a handy for bigger things. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, especially since my husband passed away five years ago. I especially like Hawaii as I feel I’m in another country and always have new people to meet, like my neighbor I met my second day here. I am a snowbird this year, but thought, why not give this a try.  We are fast friends now.  I would love to assist you with your out of town needs. I am very flexible and easy going. 

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