House Sitter   Maria Ringblom

House Sitter Maria Ringblom

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Location:   Berlin, Germany

Age:   29

Experience:   1 yr 9 mo

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About Maria Ringblom:

Hello, A pleasure to meet you. My name is Maria and I am a professional opera singer and musician. 
After four years of study at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, I moved to Berlin to begin an international carrier and developing my voice, which led me to take my further studies with the American soprano and vocal coach Abbie Furmansky in her private vocal studio in Berlin

Since my job requires me to travel I have a lot of traveling experience. At the moment I am thou settled in Berlin where I have planned to stay for a longer period of time. My first traveling experiences were with the choir I attended as a child and young woman, by which we gave concerts all around the world. When traveling we often were hosted by locals and because of that I have gained a lot of experience and understanding for how to treat and behave when being welcomed into others home.

If you happened to have pets that you cannot bring with you when youre out, then I would be more than happy to take care of and use some time with them aswell.

I look very much forward to meet and help you 

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