House Sitter   Thaiz Silva

House Sitter Thaiz Silva

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Location:   Sao Paulo, Brazil

Age:   22

Experience:   1 yr 7 mo

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About Thaiz Silva:

We are a young couple, who are building and realizing the dream of traveling the world, we are Brazilians and dated since the time of school. 
We are definitely pet lovers, we have two lovely dogs, Dante is the youngest, he is 3 years old, is extremely happy and agitated, likes to give a lot of affection to all who show up, he is a Siberian Husky. Meg is 8 years old, she is more shy but super cute too, she is lhasa Apso and loves to sleep on our lap, we treat both like a baby! We walk every day, Dante walks at least 2 times a day, and that's for sure the thing he loves to do ever! They're care of our family while we travel! 
I worked as an assistant in a digital production company since I was 16 years old. I earned a lot of experience and learning during my working time about visual production. Until I decided to quit my job to improve my second language and photography skills. 
Bruno, my boyfriend, has always been in love with photography and audio visual production, finished college and made his first travel study in Ireland! It was there that he further developed his passion for taking pictures of tourist places and traveling around the world! 
We fully understand you wish to have someone reliable and responsible to take care of your pets while you are away! You can be assured that we will take care of your pet as if it  one of our babies, giving all the love and attention they deserve, and you can follow your journey without worry as they will be in good hands!

We're so happy when we discovered the possibility of being a house sitter, in Brazil is not very common, and being able to take care of pets while traveling and getting to know new places its amazing!!  We are very much in love with all pets!  House sitting is the ideal accommodation for us, we're a very quiet couple and prefer to stay in houses than hotels, besides being more comfortable is a great opportunity to make new friends and get to discovery the city like a native!  We love to travel, we want to explore many new cultures and expand our photography work together! It will surely be a great pleasure to share all these experiences and caring for lovely pets!

We took great care of our pets, had off-platform experiences as a house sitter and in trustedhousesitter and it was a success!  Whenever we travel we stay at home with apps like Airbnb, and we never had any problems or bad reviews!  We know the importance of keeping pets safe, well fed, always attention and whenever possible, taking them for a walk, we understand that these are your main daily needs and this fits perfectly into our routine!  We communicate well with any kind of pet, they really like us and feel comfortable with us!  We have no experience with exotic animals, but we are on this journey to learn and we are willing to learn all that we are taught!  We like to keep the house always clean and organized, keeping your home always comfortable!

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Leticia Hanayama

Homeowner in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Bruno and Thaiz are real pet lovers! Thaiz is a very sweet and friendly girl, Bruno is very friendly and likes to talk about everything! There is no way to explain how well they get along with the animals, whenever they can prioritize dog walks before a walk or choose to take pets with them when we go out! It's normal to be with friends in the company of Dante or Meg!

If you have the opportunity to have this couple as a pet sitter, surely you will not regret it and you have nothing to worry about, as they will take care of your pet as they take care of their own!

I hope this helps inform you on their trustworthiness as a candidate for your home!

Date of Service Nov 17, 2019

Valneide Santos

Homeowner in São Paulo, Brazil

Excelent host, i rent my home to them, and they delivery it back to me very clean and cosy.
they are very friendly too!
I definitely recommend!!

Date of Service May 8, 2019