House Sitter   Brittney Johnson

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House Sitter Brittney Johnson

Location:   Santa Monica, California

Age:   34

Experience:   6 mo

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About Brittney Johnson:


Grateful for these platforms giving us the opportunity to connect! 

I've been house/pet sitting from the time of my youth, and I've often reflected how I'm one of those odd people who tends to other's things much better than my own - I have always taken great honor in taking on the responsibility of stewarding other people's spaces and taking care of their pets while they're out of town.

And as an empath, I've always had a very close connection with animals. I can feel them and their emotional states. Sometimes I even feel like I can hear their thoughts or them talking to me (especially horses)! Most of the time though, animals can simply sense that I am a safe person with an open and loving heart, and there is an ability for deep connection <3 

Right now in my life, I am nomadic, living in my van, which has been designed as a tea temple with beautiful woods and intentions of serving tea at various events...but as of yet has simply been my own sanctuary to travel to the hot springs and natural parks and forests, for some solitude and retreat as I cleared myself from all the noise and distractions of the world. 

I was able to come back into my center and find what really matters to me - redirecting my energy to the impact I want to make in the world and my life's is still unfolding, but I've found clarity! For now, I'm going to focus on some very specific projects, and having some space to ground and write is going to be extremely helpful for me at this time!

If it's aligned for me to house and/or pet sit for you while you're traveling, and I could have a space to cook some yummy meals and work on my writings, I would be extremely grateful and appreciative!

Really looking forward to connecting and exploring more housesitting opportunities! 


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