House Sitter   Laura Maggiore

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House Sitter Laura Maggiore

Location:   Sarasota, Florida

Age:   39

Experience:   2 mo

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About Laura Maggiore:

Hi, I'm Laura, I'm a real Italian (born and raise) and I'm a mother.  In my "before child life" I was a journalist and a writer. I have a cat and I always had dogs. I'm a nature passionate, I love Florida, the sun, the warm weather and to live surrounded of gorgeous plants and wild animals. I always been a home owner and I currently have several homes in Italy who I take care of with my sister. I love this job because it's everything I like to do in once: house, plants, animals, beautiful new places, organize.

I'm a very responsible and respectful person. I know what means leaving your own home in someone else hands. I will just do what do you want me to do. Nothing less, nothing more unless you don't ask for it. I hope to meet you soon :-) 

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Luk Magdik

Homeowner in Sarasota, Florida

From November 23rd to December 2nd taking care of house, plants and 1 dog.

Date of Service Nov 23, 2019