House Sitter   Tanza Franklin

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House Sitter Tanza Franklin

Location:   Maywood, Illinois

Age:   53

Experience:   10 mo

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About Tanza Franklin:

Hi, I'm Tanza

I am an adventurer at heart. I love exploring new places and I love to see how others live in their surroundings. I love to travelβ€β€πŸ’™πŸ’™

I love design decor, color, the ocean, beautiful landscapes, plants (I use to want a greenhouse) and artistry....I'm one of the biggest HGTV fans.  

I was a fur grandmother to 7 we are down to 3 girls....the others we found homes for them. 

I was in corporate America for 25 years, but I'm starting my new path in real estate.

I'm mother to two old-ladies 😁 and a human Nana.

I would love to use housesitting as a mean to travel, plus fantasize some ideas into my new lifestyle.

It will be a pleasure if you choose me for your sitting needs. 😍

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Eric Veggeberg

Homeowner in Forest Park, Illinois

I am Eric's personal housecleaner of a 1700 sq ft home. Erick works from home, but they're have been times I have been left home and had to lock up. I clean for Eric every 3 weeks. Eric has one daughter, whose room explodes with a zillion books, and I win the war on shedding cats (2) and one large Ginger.

Date of Service Aug 2, 2019

Estella Jurkovich

Employer in Joliet, Illinois

Ms Estella is another one of my personal cleaning clients.
I visit with her ever 4 weeks.

Her home consists of 3 cats that like to see what I'm doing in everyone room. I begin to fully understand the term "Curiosity Killed the Cat"...... they are very nosey and shed like crazy.😊

Date of Service Jul 30, 2019