House Sitter   Gabrielle Ledoyen Lambert

House Sitter Gabrielle Ledoyen Lambert

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Location:   St Malo, Canada

Age:   24

Experience:   2 yr

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About Gabrielle Ledoyen Lambert:

I'm a responsible creator with much experience in home building and maintenance - Read more of my info....

My Website:

Hey guys!

my name is Gabrielle


People call me Gabbi and family calls me goose. I'm a small town country girl from ❄️ Winterpeg, MB - CANADA 🇨🇦 | Living the life I never envisioned.


I'm an artist, interior designer

creative entrepreneur,

and jack of anything design...


I love my kids,

my career,

socks and cozy fire,

peach iced tea            |       "Thé fredo al pesca"


anything pretty,

rustic and clean!


People say I'm chill, smart,

talented, and artistic.


I consider myself an extroverted introvert.


I believe success comes with effort and passion;

and that design is an intelligence made visible...


I am grateful for my opportunities to travel; it leaves me fuelled and passionate to grow as an entrepreneur.

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References 4

Joe- Airbnb

Homeowner in Cali, California

Lovely guest. We recommend to other hosts! Clean and created beautiful content

Date of Service Nov 29, 2018

Ali- Airbnb

Homeowner in Bali, Indonesia

Gabrielle spent two weeks in Hideout Bali and she was an amazing guest. :) She would be always welcomed back any time.

Date of Service Apr 21, 2018

Celine- Airbnb

Homeowner in Venice, Italy

Very very nice and clean young girl

Date of Service Jun 9, 2017

Sue- Airbnb

Homeowner in Rome, Italy

They were very neat and a pleasant guest! The space was cleaner than I left it!

Date of Service Aug 7, 2015