House Sitter   Ashlyn T

House Sitter Ashlyn T

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Location:   Memphis, Tennessee

Age:   26

Experience:   10 mo

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About Ashlyn T:

Hello, Human(s)! Thanks for coming here to do your research to gain an understanding of who my family and I are based off what I provide below as that is very important and it's something we have in common, so look at that, we're already connecting! The name given to this human is Ashlyn and I'm a young woman with a desire to explore and adapt to world around me, and a heart that can spread love and care to your home and all within it. My mother is an amazing woman who travels for work and she's allowed herself to be open to housesitting with me. I am a vegetarian for 3 years now and love all the new meatless recipes I discover. I'm currently working with a start up vegan company and being paid to manage their social media, but everything I do can be done from wherever I am. I graduated with a BS in Communication, an HR Certificate, and an MBA degree at the University of Phoenix. My mother is a Traveling Pharmacist and she loves her ability to help in all areas of her life. With this in mind, I can be with your animal(s) since all my work is done online. But, we will all treat your home like a home of our own.

We want to house sit for the opportunity to unhurriedly experience the culture that surrounds your home. I'm a home body, which is what makes me a perfect fit for house sitting but we, as a family, will ensure that your home is clean and taken care of as you see fit throughout our entire stay. When it comes to gardening, I'm always open to learning the ropes of taking care of plants properly, because I want to have my own food garden one day, and a schedule for when it's best to water your plants or anything needed for their health would be a great help! Ultimately, if selected as a sitter, we are open to learning what we don't know, caring and protecting both your home and pet(s) as our own, appreciating the opportunity so much so that we aim to not disappoint, and to leave your home as your left it or better. And let's just say that the insurance of our word is the review you'll leave after the sit is complete.

I am a pet sitter on several platforms in the city I currently live in, which is what makes me a great fit for loving your pet(s) and providing them with daily exercise and affection as you do. There is also the fact that with my experience gained, it shows that upon meeting me, several people trust me with their precious little animal which means that one's pet(s) holds a great space in our hearts. To address my home experience, as stated above, I'm a homebody, which means that I am the one in the house that takes care of cleaning, organizing, and even cooking sometimes, but I also make sure the doors are locked and the home is secure before I go to sleep. I like a quiet home, which means that at my home, it's just me and my mother, and we're all always in our own rooms giving one another space. I have done housesitting on Rover and at each home sit, I act as I do at my home such as watch movies, read, work on the computer, write and post quotes I've made up (which is why quiet is necessary), and clean up after myself. When it comes to respecting privacy, that is important to me because we all need boundaries and I will be sure to be aware and respectful of your boundaries and privacy. It's like I always say, "if respect isn't given, how can it be received? All beings deserve it and even that which we consider extensions of ourselves, such as a home or pet(s). Thank you for reading wonderful being, Stay awesome and amazing. Ashlyn

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Cookie Lipin

Homeowner in Florham Park, New Jersey

Ashlyn and her mom Kissie were wonderful sitters for my 15 year old baby girl. I was away for 2 months and it was reassuring to know she was in such capable hands and that my home was being well taken care of. I received photos and videos every day while I was gone. I would not hesitate to have them stay with her in the future.

Date of Service Jan 3, 2022

Enrique Valdez

Homeowner in Williamsburg, New York

Ashlyn housesat my apartment in New York for a month and took care of my rescue puppy, Maile. I couldn't have asked for a more considerate sitter. She sent me pictures and updates every day, prepared my pup's food, and was super careful of Maile's skittish behaviors during walks. I could tell my dog was very happy with Ashlyn. She also left the house as clean as I left it. I felt at ease at all times and would happily welcome her to my home again.

Date of Service Dec 5, 2021