House Sitter   Ruby Mcdermott

House Sitter Ruby Mcdermott

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Location:   Scarborough, Maine

Age:   71

Experience:   4 yr 6 mo

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About Ruby Mcdermott:

To Homeowners,

 I will be bringing years of experience into your home. I have raised a family on a farm in Maine with many types if farm animals. I've always had animals in my life until recently which makes pet setting perfect for me. This way I still get to spend time with many different  pets.  I feel very comfortable with dogs and cats. I have a good understanding on how to approach them. I enjoy the cuddle times. walking, talking, playing, brushing if permitted.  Since we have some time together I'll figure out all sorts of things to keep us interacting together. By the time I leave we have made friends. My background is in property management, landscaping, designing, wedding planning and the hospitality industry.  I look forward to discussing with you about your pets and home. 
With my design and gardening experiences I would throughly enjoy working in your gardens. I can make any changes you'd like or just keep them deadheaded and watered. This past summer I house set for our state senator and put in some new flower beds for them. I like to think I'm a steward to the places I work. 

Also, I have decluttered the kitchen, pantry and bathrooms where I've house set. I promise your home will be as clean as it was when I arrived. 

Taking care of others pets is a big responsibility. When I come to a new property to care for animals I always buy a toy that I can interact with them so we can start to bond. I'm good at connecting with animals except for snakes. ha ha. I do take the job of walking and playing seriously. 

I want to see as much of the world as possible. I've been to the Middle East, Indonesia, Europe, Dominican Republic. While I was there  I lived and worked within the community. I like to learn about the people and their culture by living and working with them. I treasure the diversity I've experienced while exploring.

 The past two summers I have house set for executives and Angus King. My landscaping work is in Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth. I am available to set for you anytime. Being a landscaper I have winters off and I'm looking to travel for a few months. this winter. I'm flexible and my passport is up to date. 

It would be my pleasure to work with you so you can go on your travels knowing everything at home is being cared for.

Thank you,

Ruby McDermott

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References 3

Rebecca Reardon

Homeowner in Freeport, Maine

I have taken care of a beautiful Greater Swiss Mountain dog and the home of the Reardons in Freeport Maine and times. My duties where to walk and feed the dog twice a day and make sure there was plenty of water for her to drink. I usually like to play with and message the dogs I care for. We seem to really connect when I do so.

Date of Service Jul 7, 2018

Willo Wright

Homeowner in Freeport, Maine

I have sat for this home numerous times.
When caring for this home I walk the dogs twice a day feed both dogs and cats. The cats are playful so I make sure we get in some play time.
I make sure the house is secure and safe.

Date of Service Aug 12, 2016

Fran Phillip

Homeowner in Freeport, Maine

I have taken care of this home for 15 years in one capacity or other. I am their landscaper so I'm on the property regularly.

I feed the dogs and cats and let them inside and out. They all like to cuddle so that is a nightly routine. I keep up with the gardens and inside house plants.
Also any other needs of the household while the owners are away.

October 8, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

I am delighted to provide a letter of reference for Ruby McDermott as a professional house sitter. Ruby is a long time neighbor and friend and has house sat for us a number of times. She is extremely reliable, resourceful, and responsible and is an amazing caretaker. When we return from our trips, our animals, plants, gardens and home are in fantastic shape, perhaps even better than when we left! I would entrust any of our three homes to Ruby at any time.

Ruby’s long career as the event planner and floral and landscape designer for the very well known and distinctive Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, Maine make her an ideal house sitter. She is well versed in providing a very upscale experience to her guests and those skills translate well to the care of a private home while owners are away. She is a highly respected and beloved member of our community, known for her warmth, creativity, attention to detail and compassion. In short, I can’t think of a better person to recommend for any type of professional house sitting services.

Please feel free to call or email me or my husband George Philip for additional information.


Frances P. Philip
207-712-7997 (cell)
207-865-9155 (home)

Date of Service Jan 1, 2014