House Sitter   Brad Nord

House Sitter Brad Nord

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Location:   Bemidji, Minnesota

Age:   69

Experience:   5 yr 8 mo

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About Brad Nord:

VERY responsible, mature, 63yo man.  Grew up on a farm and have owned five homes so have some abilities in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, small and large equipment, etc.  I would treat and care for your home/pets as my own.

I am a former Air Force fighter pilot and airline pilot.  I have lived and worked in Europe and Asia and in most areas of the USA.  I raised three children, two sons and a daughter who was adopted from China.  All are successful, well adjusted adults in whom I am very proud.

I look forward to talking to and meeting you!   Thank you,  Brad

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Steve Ahlgren

Acquaintance in St Paul, Minnesota

I have known Brad for almost 50 years. He received a full ride scholarship to attend college. After graduation he had a successful career in aviation as a fighter pilot in the Air Force and airline pilot. He's also had a successful career in politics as a two term county commissioner and ran for state senate where he received 49.3% of the vote in a very large district.

He is a committed Christian man who I would trust with my life let alone my house/pets.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2017

Jeff Aakhus

Homeowner in Bemidji, Minnesota

Brad has kept watch for my property/pets numerous times over the years. He is very dependable and adept at fixing almost anything. Every time something has come up as a problem and I've asked if a plumber, AC, furnance techs, etc. needed to be called he has always been able to rectify the situation himself. Pets gravitate to him and make friends quickly.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brad for whatever your needs may be. Thank you, Jeff Aakhus

Date of Service May 1, 2017