House Sitter   Kathleen Kuhn

House Sitter Kathleen Kuhn

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Location:   Brooklyn, New York

Age:   38

Experience:   2 yr

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About Kathleen Kuhn:


My name is Kathleen and I'm transitioning from living in NYC for the last 10 years to the west coast. I am an actress, writer, and also help people work through trauma using energy healing techniques and am working on expanding that through coaching others. I also teach children chess and tutor French (all online right now).

As a Coloradan pre-NYC, I love hiking and nature and LOVE taking care of plants and animals. I have been a dog and cat-owner, though I prefer to say "mother" or friend really. Animals and plants respond very well to my loving, gentle nature. When I am more settled I hope to have my own again, but for now I am happy to care for others! I am an aunt of two nieces- 6 and 9 years old, and like to think I'm an aunt in this way to roommates or friends' animals I have cared for.  

I love cooking and am "green" in all the ways I can be to do my part as a citizen of the world. I love traveling, and in my spare time watching films and reading everything from philosophy to quantum physics and good old-fashioned fiction. I meditate daily and like to practice yoga. I'm VERY clean, respectful, and quiet.

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Heloise Chung

Acquaintance in Los Angeles, California

Heloise is my friend from NYC. We met professionally and became friends. Currently, I am car-sitting for her in LA while she's away in Europe for 3 weeks. I move it when there is street sweeping and take care of it in general, but have it for my use as well while she's away.

Date of Service Jan 30, 2021


Homeowner in Los Angeles, California

I am currently at Cora's home in Los Feliz, CA. I am watering all the plants in the front and back yard, tending to the garden and planting new crops as well. I am collecting mail and sending anything they need to their current location. I also am taking care of the garbage, making sure the place stays clean and pest free, and that everything stays fresh and ready for their return. Occasionally I run their car for 5 minutes so the engine is kept up, and I replenish the bird feeders and such too.

Date of Service Jan 22, 2021

Tara Wilson

Homeowner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I dog and house-sat for Tara and her partner Carl in the West Village in NYC over the holidays. I walked Nico and kept him (an Australian cattle dog mix) company while his parents were away. I took care of the mail, cleaned up after myself and Nico as well.

Date of Service Dec 20, 2017