House Sitter   Lee Alexander

House Sitter Lee Alexander

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Location:   Tampa, Florida

Experience:   8 yr 9 mo

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About Lee Alexander:

I would be honored to tend to your home, animals, garden and whatever needs doing. I'm a well seasoned traveler who has worked in Media (ABC TV, PR) for most of my professional life.  

An ideal home stay for now is weekdays in Tampa/South Florida area or long weekends away. In  2022 I'll be open for a week+ stays within US. If overseas it's best to have access to homeowners car, bike or local transportation.

For work I manage clients and writing assignments from computer. In my travels I've babysat Alpacas to show Horses (avid rider), to exotic fish. I've ran estates on Long Island and hosted student travelers in my home. I'm a whiz at technology and do-it-yourself projects. I don't shy away from handling home emergencies.

My 23 year old kitty "Puma" crossed the "rainbow bridge" while I was out of the country. I relied on the kindness of (pet sitter, housekeeper and neighbor) who jumped in on my behalf and found the best emergency care. I am forever humbled by those actions and would do the same for anyone in need-tenfold. 

I look forward to house sitting assignments based on Trust, Kindness, Professionalism, Care and Communication. 

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Lee stayed in our home for almost a month, and we could not have been more pleased. She is an engaging, curious traveler, and we enjoyed the days of her “orientation” while we shared some of our favorite things about our location and community with her. She was helpful to my elderly mother, who lives in the home, and handled an ant atack (a very mild home emergency in the scene of things). I would recommend Lee for any length of home stay.

Reviewed Mar 30, 2022 by homeowner in Bainbridge Island, Washington


Lee just completed a two week stay at our home during which time she cared for our Basset Hound, Daisy. Several days after we left the Covid19 Pandemic exploded. Needless to say, Lee was here during an unprecedented time in our lives. She took the situation in stride and we had no concerns about her handling the uncertainty. Lee did a great job with Daisy. She didn't just take her for neighborhood walks, they went out hiking (which Daisy loved). On one of their first neighborhood walks they encountered a bear when returning home. Lee picked up Daisy and ran with her to a neighbors house to ask for a ride rather than walking! That's dedication. Lee stayed in touch with us and texted pictures as requested which was appreciated. I have no hesitation about recommending Lee.

Reviewed Mar 24, 2020 by homeowner in Asheville, North Carolina


Lee was my first ever Housesitter. She was everything I hoped for. She took great care of my house but more importantly to me she loved my cat and dog and took such great care of them. I could tell they missed her when she left :(... Lee was very professional, she showed up the night before we left so I could talk to her about everything in our complicated house and all about our finicky pets. I would happily recommend Lee to house sit for anyone!

Reviewed Jul 2, 2019 by homeowner in West Palm Beach, Florida


Lee came and watched our cat and home while we were away. She was easy to get in touch with and responded quickly. She gave our cat plenty of love and was great to follow our instructions and keep us posted on everything. She left our home i perfect condition too. I would definitely hire Lee again!

Reviewed Feb 8, 2019 by homeowner in Tallahassee, Florida


Lee looked after our young Labrador Bella for six weeks. As first time dog owners and still in the process of training Bella we were impressed with the progress she made when in Lee's care. We were very happy with how our dog was cared for

Reviewed Jan 19, 2017 by homeowner in Cape Coral, Florida


Lee was just the best. She spent lots of time at our house and paid a lot of attention to the pets. Had one equipment breakdown, she handled it like a pro.

Reviewed Sep 26, 2016 by homeowner in Albuquerque, New Mexico


We were very satisfied.

Reviewed Sep 25, 2016 by homeowner in Punaauia, France

References 6

Maureen Pierson

Homeowner in Tampa, Florida

Reached out to Lee when we relocated to Tampa. I hadn't lined up sitters, and knew our dog would welcome seeing a friendly face.. Lee makes the drive for weeklong stays. She recently noticed our dog was acting different, heaving breathing Sure enough it was an infection! We happily pay gas/daily rate for this peace of mind. Lee sends photos, updates and stayed late when our flights were delayed. She is top notch and a very caring person.

Date of Service Apr 5, 2019

Leonie Wennekers

Homeowner in The Hague, Europe

Lee looked after our young Labrador Bella for six weeks. As first time dog owners and still in the process of training Bella we were impressed with the progress she made when in Lee's care. We were very happy with how our dog was cared for.

by homeowner in ZH, Netherlands

Date of Service Jan 7, 2017

Bruce Brantley

Homeowner in Albuquerque, New Mexico

We hired Lee Alexander to house sit for us for about 29 days. She showed up on time, ready and able. Lees biggest concern is the animals and she really excelled at that.I think our dog would have left with her if wed let her. We had one small problem with the AC system while we were gone, she took appropriate action, then called us. I was able to effect a repair from overseas, smooth as can be. Lee is mature, competent, great with animals and has obviously run a household. It was also clear that she spent plenty of time at the house, which we like, theres nothing like a human presence to keep a home safe. I would recommend her without qualification.

Bruce Brantley, August 23, 2016

Date of Service Jul 18, 2016

Richard Johnson

Homeowner in Tahiti, South Pacific

Lee cared for our home in Tahiti for around 6 weeks. We were very pleased with her services, especially since our home is not an easy one to care for, i.e., 4 aquariums, 4 fish ponds, 2 dogs, 2 birds and several thousand plants, most on automated watering systems that require monitoring. Moreover just prior to our departure we had some electrical problems which complicated matters. She was able to solve all the minor problems that can arise with so many different things to handle. I consider that the house, animals and plants were essential in the condition we left them with no unforeseen complications.
I would not hesitate to recommend Lee to care for anothers home as she is very competent and able to resolve most complications on her own.

Date of Service May 1, 2016

Maureen Pierson

Homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia

I met Lee Alexander through mutual professional contacts. Lee's work often brings her to Buckhead in Atlanta and she would stay with friends or at a hotel. I am a Medical Sales rep who covers a large territory and often on the road for extended periods. Having Lee home sit my two large golden retrievers on multiple occasions has been a blessing. They are very active animals and she works her schedule around the care and feeding of them. She's attentive to maintenance issues and has gotten to know my neighbors in the building, which is great. I trust and recommend her highly.

Date of Service Sep 20, 2015

Dawn Lozano, Lozano Law Llc

Homeowner in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our family had a trip for 2weeks out of state and we called on Lee for help. She takes great care & safety of animals and in overseeing a home. With two pit bulls and a large house...she made our trip stress free. When a water leak occurred during her stay, she alerted us and handled it effortlessly. Lee is conscientious and trustworthy and very adept at finding her way in a new city.

Date of Service Nov 1, 2014