House Sitter   K. King

House Sitter K. King

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Location:   Burlington, Vermont

Age:   52

Experience:   1 yr 9 mo

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About K. King:

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Neely Thornton

Acquaintance in Atlanta, Georgia

K. is amazing! It is very easy to feel her warmth and compassion as she speaks to you. Her ability to listen and respond with great reassurance is commendable. At the end of each session, she affirms your progress with specifics and leaves you with a renewed sense of peace and hope! Love her! – Neely Thornton, DDS

Date of Service Dec 3, 2019

Linda Cronin

Acquaintance in Mosely, Virginia

K. is one of the warmest, kindest & respectful people I know. When my daughter was little, she loved spending time with her. K. has always been in service helping family, friends and even people she doesn’t know. This kind of compassion is rare and I am blessed to have her in my life. – Linda Cronin, MPA

Date of Service Jan 1, 2019

Mike Nichols

Acquaintance in Burlington, Vermont

I’ve known K. for twenty years. She is kind, bright, resourceful and very hard working. She’s also very adept and capable of thinking outside the box when confronted with a variety of challenges, works well with others and brings a unique perspective to any endeavor she is involved in. – Michael Nichols, RCP

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018

Alex Ciurana

Homeowner in Burlington, Vermont

K. is a notable presence for exceptional quality and fine character wherever I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying her. Whether she is chatting with a patron at a deli or providing skilled whole-person care, her commitment to every individual’s dignity is steadfast and unmistakably sincere. She is punctual, yet never rushed, calm yet focused. Any home or business would profit by the addition of this wonderfully professional woman. – Alexander R. Ciurana, MA, MTS, PhDc

Date of Service Dec 1, 2017

Susan Jacobs

Employer in Randolph, Vermont

I met K. as an intern seeking to broaden her experience learning about Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and to use her skills in spiritual guidance. Working with people in recovery requires patience and respect for the arduous journey toward becoming substance free. Her compassion and kindness that is needed in helping people change lifestyle defeating behaviors clearly stood out. It was a pleasure to have her with me in this process and enjoyed her inspiring outlook. K. will be able to assist one in looking at personal goals and meet the challenges that often come with day to day responsibilities and help refocus on the energy that fuels one’s inner being. Know that your life will be blessed when you decide to work with such an amazing young woman. I wish you the very best K.! – Susan Jacobs, MA, LCMHC, LADC. Currently in private practice. Business owner of TherapyWorks, PLC

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016

Wendy Brennan, Aprn

Employer in Burlington, Vermont

K. is one of the most bright and self-motivated women I know. Her knowledge base is quite vast. Her positive energy and genuine caring is quite apparent as soon as you talk to her. – Wendy Brennan, APRN

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016