House Sitter   Chelsea Gabriel

House Sitter Chelsea Gabriel

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Location:   Indianapolis, Indiana

Experience:   7 yr 5 mo

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About Chelsea Gabriel:

Hello lovely home owners. Thanks for your time in reading this!


In offering myself as a home/pet sitter, it is my goal to exceed your expectations and wildest hopes, and allow you to come home to zero surprises (except perhaps for good ones).


Your home will be filled with loving peaceful energy and relaxed, happy, 'cared-for-like-you-would' pet/s if you have them.  I have an unending abundance of love to shower upon them. 


I have vast house & pet sitting experience and have been called the 'Quintessential' House Sitter both for my ability to bond with and care for precious animals as well as my common sense and experience in caring for homes and precious belongings.  I can supply outstanding references upon request.

I am a middle age retired professional (retired from a 30+-year career as a psychotherapist) but I am also an international seminar leader, storyteller, and corporate trainer and still work when I feel called to.


Currently I am finishing the script for a documentary I am making about truth and our western "culture of deceit" and its ramifications for us and future generations as well as the planet.   I am also writing two non-fiction books.


While I do this, I am looking for a change of scenery to help with my creativity... a place both peaceful and inspiring with furry creatures to love on & communicate with, and nature close-by.  I am hopelessly in love with nature and the beauty of our planet.

I am an avid traveler and have lived in many different places (Guatemala where I opened and ran a free health clinic for the poor, Japan, Jamaica, Australia) and in seven different states: Pennysylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana & most recently for 25 years on an island off the coast of Seattle Washington where I owned my own luxury waterfront Mt. Rainier view home before selling it after my dogs passed, since then I was free to travel more, and teach abroad.


I am very active and young at heart and look much younger than I am. 

I will be writing from home, so would be near constant company for your loved fur friend/s.  


My favorite things in the world are to give and to laugh. I have an insatiable curiosity and a lust for life that doesn't quit.  I am an avid music, theatre, dance and art lover too. 


I lead a non-toxic life and strive to leave the softest footprint on this amazing planet as possible.

I don't smoke and am not a partier, maybe have 2-3 glasses of wine per year (yes, per year) but am still fun.  I'm kind of a bit irreverent, awake, and am fairly accomplished at reading between the lines and hearing between the notes.  

For the care of your home and pet/s you should know that I am competent and trustworthy on all counts.  I was taught that one's word is truly all they have to give and I am good to my word and commitments. 


I have an extraordinary amount of life experience and am pretty much unflappable. If unexpected emergencies arise either in your home or with animals, they will be handled with calm and equanimity.


Having been a home owner (two with large built-in pools) I am skilled at home/pool/hot tub maintenance, and possible house issues.


I am not a vet but had training in medicine and I know a lot about animal health, sickness and care as well. I know how to recognize when an animal is in stress, with even the most subtle of cues. I have so much empathy that I actually feel what they feel. I know that a change in patterns, behavior or even a slight appearance change can be a communication, and I pay attention.


I have had dogs (Mastiffs and Shepherds in recent decades) and cats, and chickens/ducks/goats/fish/birds/hamsters/miniature pig and rabbits in my life. I had a 200 acre farm in Virginia and later a small 5 acre farm on Vashon Island where I had, and got to love all manner of animals. 


I have cared for cats and dogs with cancer and elderly animals. I consider it a privilege and honor to be the caretaker for our animals as they age.

  Giving meds or injections is not an issue for me.


Regarding care of your home, please know that I respect your belongings  and actually know how to exquisitely care for, and live with them. 

You will NEVER find me setting a wet sweaty or hot glass or dish on your wood furniture, nor throwing a wet towel over an item that could be damaged from it, or blocking vents, or burning pots, or... . I have lived with my own 100-150 year old family heirloom pieces (all in storage now) and they are in pristine condition, as my relatives knew how to care for things, and this was taught to me.

I have house and pet sit in different countries (USA, Jamaica, Australia, Canada) and have loads of house/pet sitting experience in Vashon and Seattle.  Some were only for a week and others were longer term, a month or more and most were repeat assignments.

I so appreciate the time you took to read my profile and hope to hear from you if you think we may be a fit or would like to know more.  Please know that I am happy to give any and all information requested, it is a bit difficult to know what to write in these profiles so feel free to either write or call and ask away. 206-765-8059

Thanks so much for your consideration and great luck to you in your search. I truly know that should you choose to work with me, your loved pet/s and you will be over-the-top thrilled with my performance.


peace and rampant joy,


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References 3

Georgianne Fiorini

Homeowner in Vashon, Washington

Various dates/various years for around 6 years. I house sat and cared for Georgianne's 2 darling cats, numerous times over the years for varied lengths of time from one week to one month or more. I took care of the home, her acreage and watered the many, many landscaped plants whilst there. On occasion, i administered medicine to one of her kitties.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2014

Trish Howard

Homeowner in Vashon, Washington

I sat for Trish Howard & her (ex) husband Jim Garrison & children when they went away on vacation for up to a month at a time multiple times per year. I cared for fabulous Luna, their elderly mixed breed lab with great pleasure, and for their rabbit. They have a large designer home with acreage (Jim is a builder) and a very large organic garden which I was pleased to tend along with fruit trees and an extremely large section of various raspberries.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2014

Anne Gordon

Homeowner in Vashon, Washington

I took care of Anne's kitty Whitey many times for different lengths of time, up to 5 weeks, and her home. There were times I simply went over and fed him and loved on him several times per day and other times I stayed at her home for lengths of time when she was gone. Most recently, I stayed but there was no pet care, only home care.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2014