House Sitter   Debra Reece

House Sitter Debra Reece

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Location:   San Antonio, Texas

Age:   52

Experience:   4 mo

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About Debra Reece:

Hi, and thanks for considering me to house sit your beautiful home.  I know that your home and your pets are very special to you so I'm honored that would consider me to be a part of all the things you love!

I own my own business, Debra Reece Weddings, and I am looking for some supplemental income to help fund my new business.  I am also writing my 3rd book and I find that house sitting inspires me and fuels my creativity.

I am well-versed in caring for cats and dogs, as I used to work for a veterinarian when I was younger.  I am able to travel anywhere and I do not have a disability.

My favorite past times are gardening, caring for animals, reading, writing, nature walks, and watching movies.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'm here to help in any way!!

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