House Sitter   Rebecca Nyberg

House Sitter Rebecca Nyberg

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Location:   St. Paul, Minnesota

Age:   62

Experience:   4 mo

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About Rebecca Nyberg:

As I type this, I am being held hostage by the warm, purring bundle on my lap--I don't have the heart to disturb him. He has been my companion all week while his human family is away enjoying a much-deserved vacation, knowing that their home and fur babies are safe and well cared for. As a nearly retired woman who still has the energy to be useful, I should like to continue giving people peace of mind while I explore neighborhoods in Minnesota and beyond.

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Jennie Torres

Homeowner in Blaine, Minnesota

Cared for house and two very cuddly cats so that homeowners could take a one-week vacation. Followed daily pet feeding and cleaning schedule, brought in mail, took bins to curbside for collection, and swept up a bit.

Date of Service Nov 5, 2022

Lindsay Strand

Homeowner in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Cared for a very energetic pitbull-mix puppy and a less enthusiastic tuxedo cat, following a feeding and walking schedule. Did a bit of cleaning/organizing of patio and kitchen, and trimmed shrubbery. Sorted mail, opened and closed curtains, and swept up after pets.

Date of Service Jul 10, 2022

Joyce Icardo

Homeowner in St. Paul, Minnesota

Over several assignments: walked, fed, cleaned up after, and played with a large, energetic dog. Opened curtains, watered plants, and collected mail. Shoveled walkway and put out trash/recycling bins. Also helped Joyce's sister by doing short visits to walk her Shih-tzu and give him eye drops.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2019