House Sitter   Jasmine Widmer

House Sitter Jasmine Widmer

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Location:   Yakima, Washington

Age:   52

Experience:   7 mo

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About Jasmine Widmer:

I am an attorney who works remotely.  I am a healthy and responsible non-smoker who enjoys the outdoors and is appropriately respectful of your home with attention and security to that which is meaningful to you. It would be my pleasure to watch your home while you are traveling.  I have cared for cats and dogs and can be responsive to both.  I enjoy caring for houseplants as well.  I would describe myself as detail oriented, responsible, clever and dynamic.  I speak Portuguese and Spanish, am a world-traveler and appreciate an international perspective should you require my assistance overseas. If I can enhance my German language capability, I will take it! I reside in WA state and can be available at relatively short notice within the state.  I seek to enrich my life with novel experiences, new communities and exposure to different environments in a responsible way.  May I be of assistance?  I look forward to hearing from you.

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References 3

Leah Holbrook

Homeowner in Yakima, Washington

Having successfully worked in the real estate industry for many years I’m keenly aware of the importance of presentation, substance, the care of homes and the experience and stories they project. I’ve known Jasmine for many years, helped her buy two homes, and have seen the care she takes to make her living spaces inviting, comfortable and happy. Beyond that, her integrity and commitment to doing the right thing is unerring – always assessing, striving and honest with herself about past and future experiences. If I were in need to have a temporary custodian of my home I would not hesitate, FOR A MINUTE, in handing off my most valuable asset to her. Jasmine is responsible, trustworthy, solid, and forthright. She is, literally, a woman of the world being multi-lingual and enormously traveled, a terrific and devoted mother, professionally successful, and is bright, honest, and always true to her word. She is a client and, fortunately for me, a faithful friend.

Date of Service Nov 1, 2022

Kim Shirley

Homeowner in Seattle, Washington

I connected to Jasmine via her sister and she stayed at my sanctuary of an apartment in Seattle for 8 days while I was out of town. I feel like my apartment was cleaner when I returned home than I left it! Every thing was in it’s place, the recycling and trash taken out, she inquired about washing her towels and really checked in with me about how I wanted her to handle her leaving my place. We had excellent communication and is welcomed back anytime, with me here or gone.

Date of Service Oct 25, 2022

Joe And Renee Dimeo

Homeowner in Yakima, Washington

It is a pleasure to offer this personal letter of reference for Jasmine Widmer.

We have known Jasmine personally and professionally for several years. She has always proven to be a person of knowledge and remains warm and caring. She is highly skilled on many levels. We have needed to ask for her assistance in managing our property. For us, this is not a simple task. We have a large home with particular needs. Of course, she can be relied on to monitor the property and mail; however, our needs exceed this basic request. There are several layers of security for her to work through. There is a need for the observation and management of the pool's upkeep, feeding, and caring for the multiple dogs that share our residence. She has always maintained special requests to keep our home in order and manage the dog's personal schedule and medical needs. With this, we can travel in peace, knowing things are well cared for.

We do not hesitate to recommend her to others for these skills and care.

Warm Regards,

Joseph & Renee DiMeo

Date of Service Sep 1, 2022