House Sitter   Flavia Stone

House Sitter Flavia Stone

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Location:   Rockville, Maryland

Age:   45

Experience:   5 mo

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About Flavia Stone:

My name is Flavia. I have two kids ages 12 and 14, and a mini black Goldendoodle (27 lbs). I have a full time job in Financial Compliance that requires me to be in the office when needed. Lately I have been going to the office once a week. As I am currently in the process of separating from my husband, I would like to house sit in the same area where my kids go to school while I am still trying to sell my house and figure out where to live next. As I am a homeowner, I am very used of taking care of a house and doing all the chores. I love pets and plants, and would be very happy to help with them as well. My separation plans include having my kids stay full time with me every other week, and only see them after school every other week. And I would have my dog with me full time. I would love to be able to house sit for you.

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