House Sitter   Tracie Beasley

House Sitter Tracie Beasley

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Location:   Tucson, Arizona

Age:   51

Experience:   7 mo

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About Tracie Beasley:

If you want peace of mind while you are away, I'm your person. I'm a tidy, kind woman, who has been called a "pet whisperer" more than once because dogs and cats that are known to be shy or anxious, frequently warm up to me almost instantaneously. I'm currently doing a 5 month house and petsitt for a couple in the Catalia Foothills, and I'm looking to line up my next opportunity. Previously, I've been an educational camp caretaker, the caretaker and renter in the home of a former boss of mine who was in Germany for two years, and I have years of experience with petsitting and childcare-all in the homes of others.  

I have landscape training and experience, and am a very nature-centered person, so you can trust that I won't let your  trees or houseplants go unattended.  I also have an environmental science and water background, so if you need me to help keep your pool chemistry in balance, it will be simple to show me the ropes.  

It's my joy to help your pets feel loved and safe while you are away, and to ensure everything at your property is well maintained. You will find your home as clean or even a bit cleaner than when you left upon your return.

I have a 10 year history of 5 star reviews on another site (that I can share), along with many professional and personal reference options. I trained as a life coach in 2018, and after some now healed health issues and economy shifts, I've moved to Arizona from New England for the drier climate and a restart.  Pet care can be unpredictible, so I have part-time employment as I create space to to the work I'm here to do in the world as a Life and Connection Coach.

Housesitting allows me to live in homes that are peaceful and Tracie friendly  while I rebirth my work in the world. I'd be honored to take care of your home and any furry family members while you are away.

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