House Sitter   Alexandra Hulsey

House Sitter Alexandra Hulsey

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Location:   Guyton, Georgia

Age:   26

Experience:   9 mo

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About Alexandra Hulsey:

Hi there! My name is Alexandra Hulsey (Alex) and I am 26 years old from Savannah, GA. I graduated from college with a degree in Public Relations and spent the first two and a half years of my professional career working in a corporate office. While I learned a lot within this setting, I realized a corporate 9-5 lifestyle isn’t what is best for people with my personality type. I am an extremely outgoing people person. For the past year, I have been back in the service industry in Savannah which has allowed me to meet people from all over the country and build relationships while also demonstrating my strong work ethic. I am extremely organized, hard working, and always go above and beyond what is asked of me. I am interested in house sitting because it allows more of a nomadic lifestyle as opposed to sedimentary. I have open availability and am open to traveling for work. I am willing to go above and beyond for you and what you ask of me, and I hope to be house sitting for you soon! 

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