House Sitter   Abena Apau

House Sitter Abena Apau

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Location:   Buford, Georgia

Age:   36

Experience:   10 mo

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About Abena Apau:

    Hello Beautiful Family 

Thanks for connecting with me I love life,I love people, I love animals, and I love traveling several months at a time..  I do prefer sitting in open or large homes. I grew up with always having pets from iguanas & dogs (Labradors and golden retriever and German Shepard) all foster from shelters... thanks to my big sister.. And I love love birds I have had beautiful exotic birds as well Green Cheeked Amazon & Sun Conures…Sun conure which I name Goldie, I had to leave after a break-up after raising it from the first few weeks hatching 🐣. they so beautiful and they can have a big personality like a dog as well.. Also I do love cats as well. I'm new to house sitting but very experienced when comes to taking care of pets

A little bit about myself my name is Abena Apau and I would love to housesit for your beautiful home and your beautiful pets for the whole stay I believe it would be a perfect fit for me I from Chicago but I’m residing in Georgia for the past year now I’m on a self loving journey rediscovering the beautiful things in life.. And creating New Beginnings for myself I don’t drink I don’t do drugs, I do work from home all through zoom calls.  I’m a life & business Coach who have help hundreds people to facilitate healing bringing back unconditional love to help those who forgot to remember to love themselves again. And what better way is to combine work travel and love of animals balance to my resume, did I mention I love to travel so far I been to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Bahamas my list is tiny but I have a fully loaded travel bucket list and I’m just getting started. willing to travel nationally and internationally. I would love to have a video call with you on zoom so that we can get to know each other and answer any further questions about me that you may have. Thanks so much for taking the time read my application..🦋🦋🦋

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