House Sitter   Karen Mckenna

House Sitter Karen Mckenna

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Location:   Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Age:   56

Experience:   7 mo

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About Karen Mckenna:

I have my own online business so can work remotely from anywhere that has good wi-fi ;-)

I was born in London and lived in the city for 30 years. I now live on the English coast. I have worked in the corporate world all my life - particularly in the travel sector, so have travelled a lot for pleasure, adventure and for business.

I have experienced many cultures and visited most continents and more countries than I can count. I have always loved travelling but am still curious enough to want to do it in a way that helps others. House sitting sounds perfect and looking after peoples animals makes it even more rewarding. I have always been house proud so your home will be in good hands and well looked after.

Not only have I run my own businesses for many years, I combined it with bringing up a family, designing and developing properties, building a home and of course, looking after our pets - over the years we have had 2 rescue dogs, a puppy (now 5 years old) a cat and 3 rabbits. I am now single and the kids are adults but still living at home, so I plan to travel and leave them to it - the world is my oyster.

I love the sea, the country and the beach. I love the outdoors - walking dogs, cycling, running or simply just walking. When I'm indoors I do yoga, work out, read, cook and like to chill and watch a movie.

I'm a typical Brit, so find it difficult to brag about myself, so instead I will quote what my friends and family think: loyal, reliable, organised, trustworthy, very honest, sociable and good sense of humour.

I hope that gives you some insight into my background and personality. Happy to share more and/or answer any questions you may have. I haven't done house sitting before but I know how to run a home, a family, properties and an online business - simultaneously. So, I think I'm organised and responsible enough to look after your beautiful home and animals.

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References 2

Bex Deadman

Employer in London, United Kingdom

Providing consultancy and training services to leading UK Travel Management Company. The CEO can account for my integrity, reputation in the industry and accountability.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2020

Maria Winslow

Acquaintance in Brighton, United Kingdom

Friend of 25 years who can account for my honesty and integrity - as well as my love of animals and home building.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017