House Sitter   Sarah Goodwin

House Sitter Sarah Goodwin

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Location:   Austin, Texas

Age:   34

Experience:   3 mo

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About Sarah Goodwin:

👋 Hey y’all! I am Sarah! Here @luxuryhousesitting in search of the perfect fit kind of house-sit… ISO assignments in Mexico, all the way from the great state of Texas! Although I love my home and hold my family, friends and clients very dear, the time has come again for me to spread my butterfly wings! Yes, travel calls once again and I must answer her call. Mexico feels like the right place as I grew up visiting my tía’s family in Acuña as a child, I would love nothing more than to spend as long as possible getting to experience the rich culture Mexico provides. With over 12 years of experience working in house keeping, home management and house sitting, I am sure I will exceed your expectations as a homeowner and guarantee that you will return to your home knowing it was taken care of as if you’d done it yourself! My motto is, “leave things better than you find them” that level of integrity should be applied to relationships, homes and life in general. I am a person of moral compass and family values and I would love the opportunity to care for your home in exchange for the experience of a lifetime.  I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you all soon! 

Sarah Jean

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