House Sitter   Jenna Ikuta

House Sitter Jenna Ikuta

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Location:   Lakewood, Colorado

Age:   34

Experience:   1 yr 6 mo

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About Jenna Ikuta:

Hi there!! My name is Jenna. I work from home, or anywhere with cell service and internet access, while I worldschool my daughters, 6 and 8. We travel all over the country and love to see new places and experience new spaces! We are incredibly respectful, kind, and observant humans. Looking into this opportunity has made us all a little bit excited to see how we can serve others on our travels, instead of just being consumers of hotel rooms and AirBnBs. This feels like a fun way to help another family out while we get out of our home bubble where we love, work, school and play! Looking forward to meeting you and chatting about all of your housesitting needs! 

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