House Sitter   Magdalene Reich

House Sitter Magdalene Reich

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Location:   New York City, New York

Age:   37

Experience:   1 yr 8 mo

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About Magdalene Reich:

Hello there!

My name is Magda, I am a professional Opera Singer, a writer & published Author, a small business owner (online) and a Teacher/Coach in the field of Personal Growth combined with Sound-Work. 
I lived in NYC for the past 7 years and just became an American Citizen. 

My life is very flexible ~ as all I need to work is a good Internet connection ~ and I love to explore places I have not been to yet. 

I currently would love to be in Florida, Colorado, Arizona, or Texas for a few months - and so I thought - what better way to explore those states than by house sitting! 

And if you're worried that I might be the irresponsible "artist type", please rest assured that this is not who I am. I own property in Germany (which is where I am originally from) with tenants, gardens, and acres I am responsible for. I know what it means to own a house and I love taking good care of beautiful places. 

I am looking to invest in any of these states and would love to get to know Neighborhoods etc. - so again - what better way than by house sitting, taking good care of everything you need me to take care of and in my spare time, get to know this beautiful state. 

All the best and I hope we will meet, work together, and help each other out! 

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