House Sitter   Michael Mccloskey

House Sitter Michael Mccloskey

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Location:   Bahia De Santa Cruz, Mexico

Age:   58

Experience:   3 mo

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About Michael Mccloskey:

June 2021


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We are Mike and Carol McCloskey and we have lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for most of our lives. Mike is 57 years’ old and Carol is 62. We have been together since 1993 and married since 1996. We each have 2 adult children from previous marriages and we now have 4 wonderful grandchildren. Our immediate and wider family are tremendously supportive of our new adventures.


Mike was a Chartered Accountant (a CPA is the US equivalent) and Carol was entrepreneurial, having run an outside catering partnership with Mike, two health and beauty salons, a restaurant, and a subcontract courier company, again with Mike.


We had enough good luck to be able to retire in December 2018 and had just finished planning a 15 month tour of the world when COVID struck.


Thankfully, in August 2020, we narrowly escaped another UK lockdown and spent 10 fun packed weeks, enjoying new friendships, in Costa Rica before moving to Mexico, where we are now residents, in November 2020.


Travel experience and plans


We have been fortunate enough through work and vacations to have visited over 30 countries.


Unsurprisingly we have visited most of western (and a little of eastern) Europe.


Some other highlights include a trip to Patagonia including an Antarctic cruise; a vacation in beautiful, volcanic La Reunion; and being awestruck by Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil.


Mike’s 14 months’ work in Tyumen, Siberia has made him resourceful and resilient to the trials of travel and of living in difficult environments.


House sitting is a way for us to keep travelling, explore new places and, best of all, make new friends - all at a low cost. (after all, Mike is a Scottish accountant!). It's also a fantastic way to be involved in a local community, which we find far more interesting than hotel living.


We hope to house sit through Central America, South America and Asia before settling back in Mexico.




We speak enough and improving Spanish to communicate with most people in Latin America and have built a strong support group of Mexican friends who have steered us through some of Mexico’s bureaucracy already.


We are a mature couple (in more ways than one!). We are flexible, self sufficient, resourceful and resilient. We have been home owners for over 35 years and know how to be respectful.


We involve ourselves in the communities where we live. For example, we worked with the Huatulco Food Bank, delivering food parcels to people in difficulty.


When we travel we like to spend at least one month (preferably longer) in new places to experience them fully; not just to visit the typical tourist destinations.


Pets and animals


Growing up we occasionally had pets in our lives. Our best experience so far with dogs has been in Santa Cruz, Huatulco, where we cared for a street dog, feeding her and getting her flea treatment. She is now strong and healthy and “invites" her friends for dinner every evening, where we are happy to feed them all. They usually escort us most of the way into town when we go for a walk. We've included some pictures of them and the cats that we look after in LA Paz.


House Sitting Experience


March 2021 – September 2021                  La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Our first experience is still in progress. There is a casa which is being renovated and a casita, where we live.


The owners return to La Paz occasionally to oversee the more critical parts of the renovation and during these visits we have all become friends.


We feed and look after two cats, (playing with them when they are in the mood!); weed and water the garden; maintain the car; deal with the mail; and pay a few bills. We photograph the renovation progress daily and share the photos online with the owners. We let the construction team in at 6.30am and secure the premise when they leave at 5.30pm.


We have also had their car repaired and clambered up on the roof of the casa to fix the water supply (all in the first two days). Things happen and you just have to deal with them.




Our references include Police Certificates. These were required to emigrate to Malaysia, which we were considering until the Malaysian government suspended the MM2H process for all prospective immigrants.

We have a range of PDF references from various former employers and customers. These are available on request.


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